Infobox Film
name = Sakkarakatti
director = Kala Prabhu
starring = Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj

producer = Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
cinematography = Andrew
released = 26 September, 2008
language = Tamil
music = A. R. Rahman
imdb_id = 0848638

Sakkarakatti is a Tamil language film directed by Kalaprabhu . The film is produced by his father Kalaipuli S. Dhanu. The film stars Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj, son of Bhagyaraj, Vedhika and Ishita. The film has been in production since April 2006. A. R. Rahman has scored the music for the film, which was released on July 11 2008. "Taxi Taxi" is a current hit in Tamil Nadu known for its Rap music.


Bhagyaraj initially wanted his son to debut either with Shankar or Maniratnam but later impressed with Prabhu's story, didn't think twice to send Shanthanoo to Sakkarakatti's Set.cite web|author=|year=2008|title=I wanted a Mani or Shankar's debut!||accessdate=2008-07-14|url=]


The film was released with much hype on 26 September 2008.

Cast & Crew

* Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj (Son of Bhagyaraj), Lokesh(Maanada Mayilada Fame), Shibi, Ishita, Vedika
* Director - Kala Prabu {Son of Kalaipuli S. Dhanu)
* Producer - Kalaipuli S. Dhanu [V Creations]
* Cinematographer - Andrew
* Art Director - Jackson
* Lyrics - Pa. Vijay, Na. Muthukumar, Vaali
* Action - 'Stunt' Shiva
* Audio Rights - Sony BMG

Music Review (Courtesy : India Glitz.Com)

Sakkarakatti - Youthful exuberance at its best

Rahman is in a league of his own. The master composer that he is, is not tired of trying new sounds and experimenting various variations with his musical score.

Having achieved terrific feats in his filmi career, Rahman comes up with musical scores that challenge his previous bests. This is the stuff that genius is made of. A music composer, who can come up with melody, hip-hop or peppy numbers at his will, Rahman has brought out the youthful fragrance in him with 'Sakkarakatti'.

Working with a debutant Kalaprabhu, Rahman has brought out new sounds that have the potential to mesmerize listeners. With right vocals and excellent instrumentation, 'Sakkarakatti' is as sweet as sugar candy.

Songs like Taxi, Chinamma are sure to become anthems among the young at heart. The likes of Blaze, Benny, Madhusree and Chinmayee truly scintillate.

The songs have been designed in such a way that hearing them once is good enough for the tunes to stick on to hearts. The melody maker in Rahman is at his best in 'Sakarakatti' and the music album is sure to go places.

1. I Miss You Da (Chinmayee)

A brilliant number that is erotic and enigmatic. Rahman is at his best here, with flawless harmony. The musical interludes coupled with the erotic voice by the female lead takes the listeners by surprise. It is like feeling the soft warmth of the early morning sun while on a leisurely walk.

2. Chinnamma Jhalak UN Nenjil (Benny Dayal)

Song has been inspired by Rahman's Chinamma song in 'Meenaxi'. Beginning with a brilliant flute, it goes on to gather momentum. Benny Dayal's catchy voice adds to the pep. The lyrics are a perfect mach to the music with scintillating background percussion. A refreshing and reverberating number.

3. Elay Ulagam (Krish and Harish)

Rahman has proved once again why he is called the 'Mozart of Madras'. Seemingly a takeoff of Rahman's Robaroo in 'Rang De Basanti', the song is mighty pleasant with the violin and the guitars soothing our hearts. In this foot-tapping number, the music stands aloof from the lyrics. Sure to stick to the heart of listeners, the song would emerge the style statement among youth. Krish is oozing with energy and so is Harish.

4. Naan Eppodhu

A soft song that portrays Rahman's mastery in coming up with such articulate numbers. It is a brilliant composition with the use of the Veena and Guitar complimenting each other. The rhythm pattern and the catchy interludes are worthy of applause. The song is worth listening to especially with the different sounds.

5. Taxi Taxi (Benny, Blaze and Vion)

A perfect song for those who love to shake their legs. It is full of energy and vigor. Blaaze starts off in style, while Benny and Vion give him the right company. This is a typical youth chartbuster that should be heard all over Chennai in a few days. The peppy beats and open-throated voice of the singers give a unique feel.

6. Marudhaani (Madhushree and Rahman)

A great melody from the master. Reminding one of Sahana Saaral, the song has sweetness written all over it. A soothing number with less instrumentation but more vocals. Hats off to the composer for trying this new variation. Rahman, the singer, is more than impressive.

"Hats off to Rahman who has retained freshness in the album.

'Sakkarakatti' is truly as sweet as sugar candy."


Infobox Album | Name = Sakkarakatti
Type = Album
Artist = A.R.Rahman

Released =
July 11, 2008 (CD release)
Genre = Feature film soundtrack
Length =
Label =
Producer = Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
Reviews =
Last album = ""
This album = "Sakkarakatti "
Next album = "Yuvvraaj"

Movie Review ( Courtesy : India Glitz.Com )

Sakkarakatti - An Amateurish Endeavor

"Shantanoo Bagyaraj's debut film 'Sakarakatti' comes across as a lackluster film with a screenplay that fails to impress right through. Though the young actor seems bubbly, his efforts have been wasted with contrived dialogues and clichéd sequences.

A. R. Rahman's brilliance is in abundance both with the songs and the background score, but debutant director Kalaprabhu has miserably failed to match the refreshing standards set by the talented musician. Visualization of the songs has been worked out well but then does not go with the mood of the film. Art direction in the song sequences has to be lauded. Recreation of the Van Helsing set and certain other similar endeavors have come out well. Computer Generated Imagery that features in the song sequences has come good. Soundarya Rajinikanth's Ocher Studios' involvement in the film is commendable. There are no villains in the film and the director has struggled to keep the conflict element going.

There is however one song 'Taxi….Taxi' that stands out. Youthful vigor, catchy tunes and a mood that personifies joy has come out brilliantly. Shantanoo is at ease in the song with some good dancing complimenting the rest of the dancers that include hip-swaying damsels.

Dimple-cheeked Shantanoo seems to be inspired tremendously by Shahrukh Khan as many of his expressions especially in the beginning of the film reveal. Unfortunately for the debutant whose father is considered one the greatest screenwriters in South Indian cinema, his introductory film hovers around aimlessly without any semblance of a screenplay.

Ishita proves to be a debutante who has nothing much to do except to burst out emotionally and of course smile sweetly at the protagonist. Audiences would probably remember her for mouthing the words 'cho chweet' which she does a number of times. Vedhika on the other hand, has handled herself in a more professional manner as the sometimes jealous no-way-out one-side lover.

Yuvaraj (Shantanoo) is a lad who grows up in the company of four friends with a penchant for mischief and an adventurous attitude. Just before he is to join college, he sees a girl named Deepali (Ishita) stranded on the road thanks to a malfunctioning car and a helpless driver. Yuvaraj finds himself in awe of her beauty and one of the most clichéd incidents happens. She walks into the same classroom as our hero is in and there is love in the air.

In comes another girl Reema (Vedhika) who happens to be Yuvaraj's cousin (aunt's daughter). She too joins the same college. Reema falls for her cousin and continues to be helplessly in love even after she gets to know about Yuvaraj's and Deeplai's love affair.

Yet another clichéd incident happens. Reema gives a red rose to our hero which is seen by Deepali. The girl runs away with a broken heart. The hero explains things and the affair brightens up once again. After a while Reema slips, thanks to a door mat. Yuvaraj holds her in a bid to break her fall. This again is seen by Deepali and another emotional outburst happens. The love affair is plagued by an assuming Deepali and a group of friends who want to bring the young lovers together.

Yuvaraj caught between the assuming Deepali and his true feeling of love decides to end the relationship which he voices to his heart's desire. Confusion reigns until his friends conjure up an idea which would necessitate all the three people involved to come together in a 'birthday party'. One more twist happens which produces some emotional dialogues. Do the lovers come together again or does Reema's pure-love succeed?

On the whole, the film rubs on as an inexperienced attempt. Shantanoo however if directed well could go places."


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