List of people from Delaware

This is a list of prominent people who were born in, lived in, or are otherwise closely associated with the U.S. state of Delaware.


* John Andrews (1746–1813), minister and academic


* Phineas Banning (1830–1885), businessman and general
* Alice M. Batchelder (born 1944), attorney and jurist
* Joseph R. "Joe" Biden, Jr. (born 1942), Delaware's U.S. Senator (1972-present) and the 2008 Democratic candidate for Vice President
* Sheena Benton (born 1982), Miss Delaware USA 2005
* Valerie Bertinelli (born 1960), actress; born in Claymont
* Cedella Booker (Born 1926-2008), Mother of late the reggae singer Bob Marley, Born in Jamaica; Lived in Delaware from 196?-76
*Nicole Bosso (born 1986), Miss Delaware USA 2007
* Charles Brandt, former chief deputy attorney general of Delaware and author
* Dennis Brockenborough, trombone player for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
* Colin Burns, (born 1982), professional soccer player in Sweden, plays for Ljungskile SK; born in Newark, Delaware
* William Sharp Bush (17??–1812), U.S. Marine Corps officer during War of 1812; born in Wilmington


* Joseph M. Carey (1845–1924), lawyer, rancher, judge, politician; born in Milton
* Joe Carnahan (born 1969), film director; born in Delaware
* Matthew Michael Carnahan, screenwriter
* John W. Causey (1841–1908), farmer and politician; born in Milford
* Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. (born 1918), professor of business history at Harvard Business School; born in Guyencourt
* Anne Rogers Clark (1929–2006), dog breeder and trainer
* John M. Clayton (1796–1856), former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State
* Ashley Coleman (born 1981), Miss Teen USA 1999
* Joseph P. Comegys (1813–1893), lawyer and politician from Dover
* Charles "Tarzan" Cooper (1907–1980), professional basketball player
* Thomas Cooper (1764–1829) lawyer and politician, former U.S. Representative from Delaware
* R. Crumb (born 1943), artist and illustrator; lived in Milford
* Elisha D. Cullen (1799–1862), lawyer and politician, former U. S. Representative from Delaware


* Jessica Darlin (born 1976), former porn star; born in Wilmington
* Delino DeShields (born 1969), former Major League Baseball player; born in Seaford
* Philemon Dickinson (1739–1809), Continental Congressman from Delaware
* Dave Douglas, professional golfer in the 1940s and 1950s
* Victor Marie du Pont (1767–1827), member of the Delaware General Assembly
* Charles I. du Pont (1797–1869), manufacturer and politician
* Sara Dylan (born 1939), first wife of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan; born in Wilmington


* Mark Eaton (born 1977), professional ice hockey player; born in Wilmington
* General Richard H. Ellis (1919–1989), commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command; born in Laurel
* Raúl Esparza (born 1970), actor; born in Wilmington
* Oliver Evans (1755–1819), inventor; born in Newport


* Wayne Franklin (born 1974), professional baseball player; born in Wilmington


* Thomas Garrett (1789–1871), abolitionist and leader in the Underground Railroad
* Commodore John P. Gillis (1803–1873), officer in the United States Navy; born in Wilmington
* Joseph (Joey) Graham (born 1982), professional basketball player; born in Wilmington
* Dallas Green (born 1934), former pitcher, manager, and executive in Major League Baseball; born in Newport


* Willard Hall (1780–1875), lawyer, politician, served inDelaware General Assembly; from Wilmington
* Orien Harris (born 1983), professional football player; born in Newark
* Walt Hazzard (born 1942), college, Olympic and professional basketball player; college basketball coach; born in Wilmington
* Henry Heimlich (born 1920), physician, invented the Heimlich Maneuver; born in Wilmington
* Anthony Higgins (1840–1912), lawyer, Civil War veteran, U.S. Senator from Delaware
* General Thomas Holcomb (1879–1965), 17th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps; born in New Castle
* Cisco Houston (1918–1961), folk singer closely associated with Woody Guthrie; born in Wilmington
* John Hunn (1818–1894), farmer and abolitionist; from Odessa
* Doug Hutchison (born 1960), actor; born in Dover


* Kensey Johns, Jr. (1791–1857), U.S. Representative from Delaware
* Eldridge R. Johnson (1867–1945), co-created the Victor Talking Machine Company, born in Wilmington
* Commodore Jacob Jones (1768–1850), officer in the U.S. Navy; born near Smyrna


* Dyre Kearney (died 1791), lawyer, delegate for Delaware to the Continental Congress; from Dover
* Pat Kenney (born 1968), professional wrestler (stage name: Simon Diamond); born in Wilmington
* Patrick Kerr (born 1956), television actor; born in Wilmington


* Isaac Lea (1792–1886), conchologist, geologist, business man; born in Wilmington
* Leach, Ethel Pennewill Brown (1878-1959), artist
* Judith LeClair (born 1958), bassoonist (New York Philharmonic), of faculty of Juilliard School; from Newark
* John Bernard "Hans" Lobert (1881–1968), Major League Baseball player,, coach, manager and scout; born in Wilmington


* John Mabry (born 1970), professional baseball player; born in Wilmington
* Thomas MacDonough
* Eleazer McComb
* Marshall Kirk McKusick
* Kevin Mench
* John J. Milligan
* Hugh M. Morris


* Daniel Nathans


* John W. O'Daniel
* Montell Owens


* William Jackson Palmer
* John Patten (1746–1800), farmer and politician from Dover, former U.S. Representative
* William Peery
* Ryan Phillippe (born 1974), actor; born in New Castle
* Teri Polo (born 1969), actress; born in Dover
* Howard Pyle


* Judge Reinhold (born 1957), actor; born in Wilmington
* Eugene Reybold
* Thomas Rodney
* David Roselle
* Cynthia Rothrock

* Mary Ann Shadd (1823–1893), educator, newspaper publisher, abolitionist and suffragist; born in Wilmington
* Chris Short
* Elisabeth Shue (born 1963), actress; born in Wilmington
* Melanie Sloan
* Thomas Alfred Smyth
* Ian Snell
* Presley Spruance
* Brian Steckel
* Susan Stroman (born 1954), choreographer, director; born in Wilmington
* James Sykes (1725–1792), lawyer, served in Delaware General Assembly and Continental Congress; from Dover
* Dave Sheridan (born 1969), actor


* Sean Patrick Thomas (born 1970), actor; born in Wilmington
* Jim Thompson (born 1906), businessman; born in Greenville
* George Thorogood (born 1951), blues-rock musician; from Wilmington
* James Tilton (1745–1822), physician, soldier, delegate in the Continental Congress; from Dover


* James C. Van Sice, Rear Admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard; born in Wilmington


* Herta Ware (1917–2005), actress and political activist; born in Wilmington
* Johnny Weir (born 1984), figure skater, three-time U.S. national champion; resides in Newark
* Samuel Wharton (1732–1800), merchant and politician from Dover, served as a Continental Congressman from Delaware.
* Kathleen Widdoes (born 1939), actress; born in Wilmington
* Thomas Wynne (1627–1691), physician, Justice of Sussex County from 1687–1691


* Cori Yarckin (born 1982), actress and singer; born in Seaford


*Aleksandra Ziółkowska Boehm (born 1949), writer of Polish origin, lives in Wilmington

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