San José de Gracia, Michoacán

San José de Gracia is a parish in Michoacán, Mexico. However, this community is unknown in the world. It is not mentioned in any history of Mexico, neither is it referred to in any of the annals of the state of Michoacán. Surprisingly, it also can't be found on most of the maps, and almost none of the maps shows its correct location. The area of San José de Gracia is approximately 231 square kilometers. It is located at the intersection of the 10th parallel and the 103rd meridian.

Best known on maps like Ornelas Michoacan, Municipal head of Marcos Castellanos: San Jose de Gracia. Its main activity is the milky product commerce and industry.

Count with 10.382 habitants.

Main localities The Sabino Its main activity is the industrialization of milky product and pig meat. In addition the farming one with maize cultures, frijol, chick-pea; and the bovine cattle, filthy, in addition to birds. Km of the municipal head is to 14. Account with 676 inhabitants.

Ojo de RanaThe main activity is the farming one with maize cultures, frijol and wheat; cattle ranch with young of bovine, pig cattle, in addition to birds. Its distance to the municipal head is of 18 km. Cuenta on 896 inhabitants.

San Miguel Their economic activity is the milky products and the farming one, their main cultures are the maize, frijol, raises of bovine, pig cattle and poultries. Its distance of the municipal head is of 20 km. Its population is of 416 inhabitants.


San Jose de Gracia is part of Marcos Castellanos, is a place located in the region that the Spaniards knew like “Provincia de Avalos”. In the year of 1564, the Virrey Don Luis de Velasco, granted earth favor for the creation of cattle stays in the “Llano de la Cruz”.

To a side of the population of the “Llano de la Cruz”, San Jose de Gracia was based. From 1886, the settlers of the “Llano de la Cruz”, agreed with the idea of diácono Esteban Zepeda, to raise a population with their seat, their cord temple and streets, and approximately in March 1888, with the authorization of the bishop Jose Maria Cázarez and Martinez, the outlines of the village began. In he himself year, the name of San Jose occurred him, ignoring itself because it was added to him “de Gracia”.

In 1898, the vicar of San Jose de Gracia, was delimited well: “something more than 230 kilometers square of surface, a town and twenty-five rancherías, more than three thousand Christians and around nine thousand bovine ones. San jOse had appearance unmistakable of a town of you marinate raised on a hill”. In 1909, to San Jose de Gracia the category of possession was granted him, giving him to it to its territorial scope, the name of “Tenencia de Ornelas”, in honor to the general who died in defense of the seat of Jiquilpan against the French. The new Tenencia, let belong to the municipality of Sahuayo and it was integrated to the municipality of Jiquilpan. On June 11th of 1927, about 500 men of San Jose de Gracia, decided the insurrection during the cristeras fights. In 1940, still being President of the Republic general Cárdenas visited San Jose de Gracia.

On December 30th of 1967, the municipality of Marcos Castellanos was created by means of decree, with head in Ornelas, soon San Jose de Gracia. This decree, was executed until August 9th, 1968.

On June 5th 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigations captured Jon Savarino Schillaci, a Top Ten wanted fugitive. He is a convicted sex offender wanted for assaulting a five-year-old boy and possessing child pornography.

Illustrious People

* Mr. Gregorio González Pulido, was carrier, cattle dealer and founder of the town. (1850-1942).Othón father Sanchez, extremely active priest, who besides to take either his ministry dedicated itself to teach to people to live or as far as hygiene, health and morally.
* Mr. Divided Anatolio Partida, participated actively in the Cristera Revolution and the defense of the town, when Ines Chávez was taken by the brigand Garci'a. (1895-1978).
* Mr. Divided Apolinar Partida Arias, considers one of the heroes martyrs of the defense. Father Federico González Cárdenas, worried to order the population and their streets, made recommendations for the cultures, managed the introduction of the present highway to the population.

Chronology of historical facts

*1888 Foundation of the town on March 19th; the name was chosen to be celebrated that day the celebration in honor of San Jose.
*1909 category of possession is granted to him, giving him the name of Ornelas.
*1967 it is constituted in Municipality, On December 30th, with head in Ornelas, the one that was executed until the August 9th, 1968.
*1981 the name of the head of the municipality of Marcos Castellanos, Changes from Ornelas to San Jose de Gracia, by decree of the government of the State. When the President Rogelio Arteaga had the presidency

Chronology of the municipal presidents

*1968 - Salvador Villanueva González (Temporaly)
*1969-1971 Juan López Haro
*1972-1974 Dr. Daniel Ruiz Arcos
*1975-1977 Gilberto Barrios Corona
*1978-1980 Luis Valdovinos González
*1981-1983 Rogelio Arteaga Álvarez
*1984-1986 Ing. Abraham González Negrete
*1987-1989 José Partida García
*1990-1992 Jorge Buenrostro Martínez
*1993-1995 Arnulfo Cárdenas Novoa
*1996-1998 Leocadio Toscano González
*1999-2001 Ernesto Rubio Escamilla
*2002-2004 J. Ernesto López
*2005-2007 Jesus Bautista Alvarez


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