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Della Rovere is a noble historical family of Italy. Coming from modest beginnings in Savona, Liguria, the family rose to prominence through nepotism and ambitious marriages arranged by two Della Rovere popes, Francesco della Rovere, who ruled as Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484) and his nephew Giuliano (Pope Julius II, 1503-1513). Pope Sixtus IV is known for having built the Sistine Chapel, which is named for him. The Basilica San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome is the family church of the della Rovere.

The most successful match established a line of della Rovere dukes of Urbino. That dynasty ended in 1626 when Pope Urban VIII incorporated Urbino into the papal dominions, the gift of the weary last della Rovere duke, Francesco Maria II, in retirement after the death of his heir, Francesco Ubaldo.

When the Fascists took over Italy, the Della Rovere family villa was stormed and many Della Roveres were killed. A Della Rovere family member, the third oldest son, escaped to New York after hiding in a well for four days.

Family tree

Dotted lines indicate aliases (where a person appears more than once in the tree.
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All persons have the surname della Rovere unless otherwise indicated.


* [ Genealogy of Leonardo della Rovere]

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