Humility Cooper

Humility Cooper (B. 1619 D. c1651) was the daughter of Robert Cooper and was baptized in 1638-9 in London at the age of nineteen [1}. In 1620, Humility Cooper, embarked on the "Mayflower" with her relatives Edward Tilley and Ann Cooper Tilley. [2] William Bradford wrote that among the passengers were Edward Tilley and Ann his wife, and two children that were their cousins, Henry Sampson and Humility Cooper. Humility was approximately one-year-old [3] .

However, soon after arriving in America, both Edward and Ann Tilley died. Edward's brother John Tilley and his wife Joan, who came with them also died. Of all the Tilley family and their relatives who came on the "Mayflower," only three were still living by the end of the winter in Plymouth. They were the young teenagers of the Tilley family, Humility, Henry Sampson, and Elizabeth Tilley who was about age thirteen. [4]

On what happened to Humility, Bradford wrote that after Edward Tilley and his wife both died, the young girl, Humility, was sent to England and died there sometime before 1651. [5]


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