Asiatech was a company which purchased the assets of the Peugeot Formula One engine programme at the end of the 2000 season and supplied Peugeot-based engines for two years.

In 2001, Asiatech supplied their V10 engines to the Arrows Formula One team free of charge. However, these were largely unsuccessful and the following year Arrows decided to pay and have Cosworth engines instead.Asiatech Engines [] Retrieved 2 Novemeber 2007.]

For 2002, Asiatech were left to supply engines to the Minardi F1 Team. But again these were rather unsuccessful.

During the 2002 season, Asiatech began considering the possibility of starting their own Formula One team, and purchased a former Williams design office in Didcot. They also enlisted the help of Enrique Scalabroni, who designed a protoype F1 car. The car was to be firstly a testbed for Asiatech engines, then subsequently entered in the 2004 seasonNever Raced F1 Cars [] Retrieved 4th November 2007.] . However, Asiatech folded at the end of the 2002 season.Engines By Asiatech [] Retrieved 2 Novemeber 2007.]

In May 2002, there were reports that for the 2003 season Asiatech could supply Jordan with engines, or even buy the team out. These came after Honda decided to concentrate their engine efforts on the BAR team, and announced they would be withdrawing supply from Eddie Jordan's team at the end of the 2002 season. Jordan set to lose Honda deal [] Retrieved 24th April 2008.]

In February 2003, the assets of the Asiatech engine company were sold in an auction in Paris, overseen by Jacques Martin and Gilles Chausselat. Included in the Auction were 18 engines, a dyno, a variety of machine tools, plus electronic measuring equipment amongst other things.Want To Buy A Third Hand Engine Company? [] Retrieved 4 November 2007.]

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