List of Dune characters

This is a list of the characters who appear in the novels of the fictional Dune universe, created by Frank Herbert and later expanded by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

This article provides links to many of the main characters in the Dune universe. They are grouped by primary allegiances. In some cases these allegiances change or reveal themselves to be different throughout the novels.


House Atreides

House Harkonnen

Imperial House Corrino

  • Faykan Corrino, founder of the Padishah Empire
  • Elrood Corrino IX, 80th Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe; father of Shaddam IV
  • Shaddam Corrino IV, 81st Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe; last Corrino Emperor
  • Anirul, Bene Gesserit wife of Shaddam IV
  • Princess Irulan, firstborn eldest daughter of Shaddam IV and Lady Anirul
  • Princess Wensicia, third daughter of Shaddam IV and Lady Anirul
  • Farad'n Corrino, son of Princess Wensicia and grandson of Shaddam IV
  • Pardot Kynes, first Imperial Planetologist on Arrakis
  • Count Hasimir Fenring, Imperial Spice Minister; Emperor Shaddam's closest friend and advisor
  • Zum Garon, Imperial Sardaukar Supreme Bashar
  • Torynn, Sardaukar Levenbrech
  • Cando Garon, Sardaukar Commander; the son of Zum Garon
  • Aramsham, Sardaukar Captain

House Moritani (Grumman)

  • Viscount Hundro Moritani
  • Lupino Ord, Ambassador of Grumman
  • Hiih Resser, Swordmaster of Ginaz serving House Moritani
  • Trin Kronos

Bene Gesserit

Bene Tleilax

  • Master Hidar Fen Ajidica
  • Master Bijaz
  • Master Scytale
  • Master Tylwyth Waff
  • Master Zaaf, Tleilaxu representative
  • Elder Burah of the Lost Tleilaxu
  • Uxtal of the Lost Tleilaxu
  • Zoal, Face Dancer
  • Khrone, Enhanced Face Dancer
  • Duro Nunepi, Tleilaxu Ambassador to Leto II
  • Wose, Tleilaxu Envoy
  • Ledden Pook, Tleilaxu Envoy

House Richese

  • Count Ilban Richese, head of House Richese
  • Lady Edwina Richese, daughter of Elrood IX
  • Lady Helena Richese-Atreides, married to Paulus Atreides, mother of Leto I
  • Premier Ein Calimar
  • Haloa Rund, Mentat inventor
  • Talis Balt, inventor
  • Tenu Chobyn, inventor of the No-field

House Vernius and Ix

  • Earl Dominic Vernius, head of House Vernius
  • Lady Shando Balut-Vernius, wife of Earl Vernius
  • Prince Rhombur Vernius, eldest son of Dominic and Shando; cyborg ruler of Ix
  • Lady Kailea Vernius, daughter of Dominic and Shando; Rhombur's sister
  • Cammar Pilru, Ambassador of Ix
  • C'tair Pilru, son of Cammar; twin of D'murr
  • D'murr Pilru, son of Cammar; twin of C'tair; Navigator for the Spacing Guild
  • Malky
  • Hwi Noree
  • Tessia, Bene Gesserit, wife of Rhombur Vernius

House Taligari

Spacing Guild

Honored Matres


  • Selim Wormrider, leader of Zensunni outlaws on Arrakis, first wormrider
  • Naib Ishmael, leader of the Zensunni Free-Men, successor to the legend of Selim
  • El'him Wormrider, Son of Selim Wormrider
  • Chani, daughter of Liet-Kynes and Faroula; Paul's Fremen concubine
  • Shadout Mapes, housekeeper for the royal family of Arrakis
  • Stilgar, Fremen Naib, friend to Liet-Kynes
  • Reverend Mother Ramallo, Fremen Reverend Mother
  • Jamis, killed by Paul in tahaddi al-burhan
  • Harah, wife of Jamis, the servant to Paul; later wife of Stilgar
  • Otheym, Fedaykin Commando
  • Lichna, daughter of Otheym
  • Korba, Fedaykin
  • Liet-Kynes, the son of Pardot Kynes, and the Imperial Planetologist on Arrakis
  • Heinar, Naib of Red Wall Sietch
  • Faroula, daughter of Heinar, wife of Warrick and then Liet-Kynes
  • Warrick, best friend of Liet-Kynes, killed in the spice agony
  • Liet-chih, son of Warrick and Faroula
  • Farok
  • Geoff, killed by Jamis in tahaddi al-burhan
  • Kaleff, natural son of Geoff
  • Orlop, natural son of Jamis
  • Chatt the Leaper, captain of the Fedaykin, leader of the death commandos who guarded Muad'Dib
  • Shishakli, a squad leader of the Fedaykin
  • Tharthar, one of Stilgar's wives.
  • Shoab, Tharthar's brother
  • Turok, died in a harkonnen raid (His crysknife was entrusted to Duncan Idaho after he died)

Sorceresses of Rossak


  • Friedre Ginaz
  • Zon Noret, Ginaz mercenary famous at his time
  • Jool-Noret, legendary Ginaz mercenary, son of Zon Noret
  • Istian Goss, received spirit of Noret
  • Nar Trig
  • Jammo Reed
  • Jeh-Wu
  • Mord Cour
  • Rivvy Dinari
  • Whitmore Bludd


  • Manion Butler Sr., father of Serena
  • Livia Butler, wife of Manion Sr. and mother of Serena; abbess of the City of Interspection
  • Serena Butler, Priestess of the Jihad
  • Manion Butler, Manion the Innocent, martyred infant of Serena
  • Octa Butler, wife of Xavier Harkonnen
  • Wandra Butler, daughter of Xavier Harkonnen
  • Quentin Butler, husband of Wandra
  • Faykan Butler, founder of Imperial House Corrino; renamed to Faykan Corrino
  • Abulurd Butler, brother of Faykan; became Abulurd Harkonnen
  • Rikov Butler, governor of Parmentier and primero of the Jihad; father of Rayna
  • Rayna Butler, founder of the Cult of Serena

Titans and Neo-Cymeks



Thinking Machines

  • Omnius, the Evermind; leader of the machines
  • Erasmus, independent robot
  • Seurat, co-pilot to Vorian Atreides
  • Chirox, reprogrammed by humans, used as a trainer on Ginaz
  • Gilbertus Albans, adopted human-son of Erasmus; founder of the Order of Mentats


  • Iblis Ginjo, human trustee and later Grand Patriarch of the Holy Jihad
  • Yorek Thurr, head of the Jipol
  • Tio Holtzman
  • Lord Niko Bludd
  • Pen Barlowe, smuggler
  • Esmar Tuek, smuggler

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