Canopus (disambiguation)

Canopus may refer to:

* Canopus (star) (or Alpha Carinae), the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina.
* Canopus, Egypt, an Ancient Egyptian city in the Nile Delta
* Canopus (mythology), in Homeric myth, the pilot of King Menelaus's ship.
* "Canopus (rocket)," an Argentine sounding rocket.
* Canopus Corporation, a manufacturer of video editing cards and video editing software.
* HMS "Canopus", two ships of the Royal Navy.
* USS "Canopus", a ship of the United States Navy.
* Canopus (nuclear test) was the name given to the first test of the French hydrogen bomb, in 1968, with a yield of 2.8 megatons.
* Canopus Lake, a lake in Clarence Fahnestock State Park in the USA.
* Canopus in Argos, a series of space fiction by Doris Lessing.
* Canopus Towers - proposed skyscrapers in Salford, England.

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