The ROM-Mark is a physical layer technology intended to prevent unwanted reproduction of data on Blu-ray discs. The ROM Mark is a unique identifier embedded in pre-recorded ROM media discs such as movies, music and games. The data is read by the disc player but is not transmitted out as part of the disc content data stream, and therefore is not available to any software reading or manipulation external to the disc player.

The ROM Mark can be mastered only with equipment available to licensed BD-ROM manufacturers. The Blu-ray Disc Association intends to ensure that only disks that contain the ROM Mark will be playable on Blu-ray systems. The ROM-Mark is expected to prevent the casual copy from BD-ROM to recordable media. It is a mechanism aimed to prevent bit-by-bit data copy. The ROM-Mark requires a special machinery in the disc mastering process in order to be inserted on disc and thus, it prevents replications.

[ BRDGen] claims to be able to make and edit (and export for recording) PlayStation 3-compliant disc images. [ [ BRDGen creates PlayStation 3 disc images? - Engadget ] ]


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