Kunming Wolf-dog

Kunming Wolf-dog

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The Kunming Wolfdog, or Kunming Dog is an established breed of wolf-dog hybrid.



Kunming Dogs are similar in appearance to the German Shepherd Dog but stand taller in the back and have a shorter coat. The tail is often carried curled high when excited. Coats are marked with a black saddle and muzzle, with other colors ranging from light straw to deep rust.


Height: 25-27 inches (64-68 cm.)Weight: 66-84 pounds (30-38 kg.)

Breed History

The breed was created in the early 1950s to meet the need for military dogs in Yunnan. A group of 10 dogs was brought to Kunming from a military K9 training program Beijing in 1953. (Available sources do not state what breed or breeds they were.) These ten dogs were insufficient for the immediate need, and so 50 suitable household dogs from Kunming were 'recruited' as well as 40 similar dogs from the city of Guiyang in Guizhou province. After training, the best twenty of these 90 'civil' dogs were then selected. The 10 'wolfdogs' from Beijing, these 20 'civil dogs' plus an additional 10 'shepherd dogs' imported from Germany constituted the pool from which the Kunming Dog was developed. The Chinese Public Security Bureau officially recognized the Kunming Dog as a breed in 1988. Kunming Dogs are used by the Chinese military and police, and have also found their way into use as civilian watchdogs and guard dogs.

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