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Valhalla (film)

Valhalla (film)

Infobox Film
name = Valhalla

image_size =
caption =
director = Peter Madsen
Jeffrey Varab
producer = Anders Mastrup
writer = Peter Madsen
Henning Kure
Niels Søndergaard
starring = Dick Kaysø
Preben Kristensen
music = Ron Goodwin
cinematography = Niels Grønlykke
Jan-Erik Sandberg
editing = Lidia Sablone
distributor = Metronome
released = flagicon|Denmark October 10, 1986
runtime = 76 minutes
country = Denmark
language = Danish
budget = DKK40 million (estimated)
preceded_by =
followed_by =
website =
amg_id = 1:121172
imdb_id = 0094238

"Valhalla" is a Danish animated feature film released in October 1986 by Metronome. Based on volumes one, four and five of the Interpresse/Carlsen comic book series, it was directed by Disney animator Jeffrey J. Varab and cartoonist Peter Madsen.


Jeffrey J. Varab walked out of the project late in production, due to arguments with a new production management. On the final release version, Peter Madsen, who had drawn the comic books and been the film's artistic supervisor, is credited as director, and Jeffrey J. Varab, who had originated the project with his partner Jakob Stegelmann and trained most of the animators, is credited as co-director.

The project ran into severe financial difficulties and was passed on between studios before finally ending up in the hands of Swan Film, a company run by two previously convicted heroin-dealers. At the time of its release, it was Denmark's most expensive film ever, having cost around 40 million kroner. No Danish film has ever gone as much over budget as "Valhalla".


The Danish release version of the film features the voices of Dick Kaysø, Preben Kristensen, Laura Bro and Marie Ingerslev, but the film was actually animated to an English language soundtrack featuring the voices of a primarily non-Danish cast.

Box Office and Aftermath

In spite of selling more tickets than any other Danish film in 1986, its heavy cost inevitably made it a box-office failure. Swan Film made six spin-off short films for television featuring Quark, the troll character in both the books and the film, before eventually closing down.

However, four animators and one producer prior to completing "Valhalla" regrouped and formed a new company, A. Film A/S, which to date is Denmark's most successful animation studio, producing frequent artistic triumphs and box-office hits.

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