Emotional (disambiguation)

Emotional (disambiguation)

Emotional may refer to:
*someone or something characterized by much emotion
*"Emotional" (album) a 1986 album by Falco
*"Emotional" (K-Ci and JoJo album), a 2002 album K-Ci and JoJo
**"Emotional", a song from this album
*"Emotional", a song by Loverboy from their 1981 album "Get Lucky"
*"Emotional", the 1999 debut LP by Carl Thomas
**"Emotional", a song from this LP
*"Emotional", a song by Mikaila from her 2001 album "Mikaila"
*"Emotional", a song by American Juniors from their 2004 album "American Juniors"
*"Emotional", a song by Diana DeGarmo from her 2004 album "Blue Skies"
*Emotional, a song by American R&B/Hip-Hop Artist Casely of his album "1985"
*"Emotional", can be shortened to Emo the youth sublulture.

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