History of Ottoman Montenegro

Much of today's Montenegro was under Ottoman control from 1498 - 1699 (201 years) while coastal Montenegro was under Venetian control and central Montenegro (Upper Zeta) was independent.

Beginning of Ottoman Rule

Most of today's Montenegro was, after 1498, in Ottoman control. Half of today's Montenegro was part of the Sanjak of Scutari, while the other was part of the Sanjak of Bosnia, but central Montenegro, also known as Upper Zeta, was independent.

anjak of Montenegro

In 1514, the Ottoman-controlled territory of Montenegro was proclaimed as a separate Sanjak, by the order of Sultan Beyazid II. The first Sanjak-beg (governor) who was chosen was Ivan Crnojević's son Staniša (Skenderbeg Crnojević), who converted to Islam, and governed until 1528. Despite Skenderbeg's emphasized cruelty, Ottomans did not have real power in Montenegro. After Skenderbeg's death, the Sanjak of Montenegro was annexed to the Sanjak of Shkodër. However, Montenegro was, for a time being, in the Sanjak of Dukagjin and the Sanjak of Herzegovina, but then being annexed back to the Sanjak of Shkodër.

End of Ottoman Rule

Montenegrins used the Great Turkish War of 1683-1699 (Also known as War of the Holy League) to expel Ottomans and their rule from Montenegro, which didn't quite work. The Montenegrins then declared war on the Turks in 1876 after a rebellion in Herzegovina, starting their liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Montenegrins won the war in 1878 and increased its territory to about 4 times its original territory.

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