Stub Series Terminated Logic

Stub Series Terminated Logic (SSTL) devices are a family of electronic devices for driving transmission lines. They are specifically designed for driving the DDR (double-data-rate) SDRAM modules used in computer memory. However, they are also used in other applications, notably, some PCI Express PHYs and other high-speed devices.

Three voltage levels for SSTL are defined:
*SSTL_3, 3.3 V, defined in EIA/JESD8-8 1996
*SSTL_2, 2.5 V, defined in EIA/JESD8-9B 2002
*SSTL_18, 1.8 V, defined in EIA/JESD8-15

All SSTL voltage specs reference a voltage that is exactly VDDQ/2. For example, the VREF for an SSTL_18 signal is exactly 0.9 Volts.

Terminations can be:

*Class I (one series resistor at the source and one parallel resistor at the load)
*Class II (one series resistor at the source and two parallel resistors, one at each end).
*Class III (asymmetrically parallel terminated)
*Class IIII (asymmetrically doubly parallel terminated)

ee also

*High-Speed Transceiver Logic - HSTL

External links

* [ JEDEC SSTL_2 Standard]
* [ JEDEC SSTL_18 Standard]

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