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Home Alone 3

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name = Home Alone 3

caption = "Home Alone 3" film poster
director = Raja Gosnell
producer = John Hughes, Hilton Green
writer = John Hughes
starring = Alex D. Linz
Olek Krupa
Rya Kihlstedt
Lenny von Dohlen
David Thornton
Haviland Morris
Scarlett Johansson
music = Nick Glennie-Smith
John Williams
cinematography = N/A
editing = N/A
distributor = Twentieth Century Fox
released = December 12, 1997
runtime = 102 minutes
country = USA
awards =
gross = $79,000,000
language = English
budget = $32,000,000
preceded_by = ""
followed_by = "Home Alone 4"
amg_id = 1:158839
imdb_id = 0119303

"Home Alone 3" is a 1997 family film and third film in the "Home Alone Series". It was originally going to star the original cast but 20th Century Fox did not allow Chris Columbus (director of the first two films) and John Hughes film it back to back with . Then they re-cast the film stars with Alex D. Linz as Alex Pruitt, the resourceful boy who is left home alone, replacing the character portrayed in the previous films by Macaulay Culkin. The film was written by John Hughes and directed by Raja Gosnell, the latter being the editor of both "Home Alone" and "". This film was followed by another sequel, "Home Alone 4".


Peter Beaupre (Olek Krupa) is the leader of a quartet of thieves who have stolen a valuable air force computer chip for a North Korean terrorist group. They put it inside a toy remote control car to sneak it past security. At O'Hare Airport in Chicago, however, Mrs. Hess (Marian Seldes) accidentally takes the bag with the remote control car. The thieves then come to Chicago and systematically search every house in Hess's suburb to find the chip.

8-year-old Alex Pruitt (Alex D. Linz) is then given the remote control car by Hess as a reward for shovelling snow. He soon becomes ill with the chicken pox and must stay home. While he is at home, he sees the thieves through his telescope and calls the police. The thieves leave by the time the police come. After reporting the thieves again, they still manage to get away, and the police don't believe him. Alex then mounts a camera on his remote controlled car and tries to film some footage of the thieves, who are now residing in a vacated house. He successfully films the thief, however the car is discovered before it can get away and the thieves take the tape, leaving Alex with nothing.

Finally, the thieves realize that Alex has the chip, and go after him. They block off the alleyway behind the house and tie up Mrs Hess in her garage and leave the door. By this point, Alex has already armed the house with booby traps. After several attempts in getting in the house, they go chase Alex. He runs up to the attic and goes into the laundry elevator to the basement. He then run s outside and calls to the thieves. They see him and notice the trampoline below them. Two of them jump, however the trampoline gives way and they fall in the frozen pool. Alice then wriggles her way into the laundry elevator chute but then falls down all the way down to the basement.

Meanwhile the FBI, who has also been tracking down the chip, go to his school and ask for Alex. Alex's family brings the agents to their house, where the police arrest three of the four thieves. Beaupre, however, managed to escape and hides in the igloo in the backyard. Stan's parrot meanwhile drives the RC car into the igloo and threatens to light the fireworks which are lined around the inside. Beaupre offers a cracker, but the parrot demands two. Since he only has one cracker, the parrot then lights the fireworks, and escapes. The entire igloo erupts with fireworks with Beaupre in it, and the police arrest him.

Alex and his family celebrated with their dad returning. He even got a surprise for Alex: another remote control car. In the final scene, where the four thieves are having their mugshot photos taken, they are shown to have Alex's chicken pox.


The film only grossed $79,000,000 worldwide, [ [http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=homealone3.htm Home Alone 3 (1997) ] ] a respectable number, though it paled in comparison to the $478,000,000 gross of the first [ [http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=homealone.htm Home Alone (1990) ] ] and the $359,000,000 gross of the second. [ [http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=homealone2.htm Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) ] ] However, film critic Roger Ebert liked the film much more than its predecessors (which he did not like at all). [http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19971212/REVIEWS/712120303/1023]


The main characters include:
*Alex Pruitt — (Alex D. Linz) an eight-year-old kid living in suburban Chicago.
*Peter Beaupre — (Olek Krupa) leader of the four robbers.
*Alice Ribbons — (Rya Kihlstedt) sole female of the four robbers.
*Burton Jernigan — (Lenny Von Dohlen) one of the four robbers.
*Earl Unger — (David Thornton) one of the four robbers.
*Karen Pruitt — (Haviland Morris) Alex's mother.
*Jack Pruitt — (Kevin Kilner) Alex's father.
*Mrs. Hess — (Marian Seldes) Alex's neighbor.
*Stan Pruitt — (Seth Smith) Alex's older brother.
*Molly Pruitt — (Scarlett Johansson) Alex's older sister.

References to other media

*Jamie Foxx's song Experiment from his 1994 album "Peep This" can be seen when Alex is switching the channels on Mrs. Hess' TV with a TV remote from his attic.

*In a few scenes, the parrot sings Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown."


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