Carcass may refer to:
* Carcase the body of slaughtered animal after the removal of the offal etc. [Delbridge, Arthur, The Macquarie Dictionary, 2nd ed., Macquarie Library, North Ryde, 1991]
*Carcass A term for a dead body, typically that of an animal.
*Globster, a sea carcass of unknown origin
*The part of a tire that remains when the tread is removed
*Carcass Island in the Southern Atlantic Ocean
*Carcass (band), a death metal/grindcore band
*Carcass (projectile), a type of incendiary ammunition designed to be fired from a cannon
*Carcass (furniture), the structure of a cabinet or other types of enclosed furniture such as desks, bookcases, sideboards, etc. Carcases are usually constructed either with flat panels of plywood, medium density fiberboard or particle board, or using the more traditional frame and panel construction
*HMS|Carcass, the name of three ships of the Royal Navy


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(of an animal), , / (in contempt or ridicule) /

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