A huller (or sometimes called a rice husker) is a kind of agricultural machinery to hull rice.

To hull rice is to remove chaffs, the outer husks of the grain. There were many ways to hull rice in ancient times, but nowadays a huller, or rice huller, is widely used in Asia, especially in East Asia, where rice's status as the most important crop has led to the huller being developed in more sophisticated ways than any other region in the world.

Types of the machine

*A rotary huller:This type of the machine gets the brown rice in good quality by a cylindrical sieve set inside the body.
*A swing huller:By swinging a set of sieves, it separates the brown rice.
*A mangoku-shiki (万石式) huller:"Mangoku" was first developed during the Edo period in Japan, and which is still a most efficient way of grading harvested rice. A newest model "Elec-Huller" released by a Japanese company can even handle its process with a full-automatic system by a micro-computer.

These machines now are driven by a gasoline engine or electric motors, and often controlled by micro-computers.

Major manufacturers of machinery include Satake, Buhler, and Rise.

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