Aleksandar Donski

Aleksandar Donski

Aleksandar Donski ( _mk. Александар Донски) (born 1960 Štip, Republic of Macedonia) is a Macedonian historianFact|date=August 2008, writer and translator.

Donski researches documents and artefacts from Macedonian history and ethnology. His second focus is researching genealogy, especially the genealogy of people from the Macedonian history.

His hypothesis is that there is cultural, linguistic and ethnic continuity between modern ) Macedonians and the Ancient Macedonians. His second hypothesis is that there is fundamental ethnic distinction between Macedonians and Bulgarians.

Donski begins with his hypotheses and selects documents and artefacts from the history that concur with his arguments displaying strong nationalist Macedonian positions. Therefore his work is seen as controversial and heavily criticised particularly by Macedonian and Bulgarian authors. [Отворено писмо до Александър Донски. МАКЕДОНСКО ДЕЛО, БРОЈ 152/26.04.1996- Ристо МИРЧЕСКИ, Прилеп [] ]


* "The Japanese Press on the Ilinden Uprising" (1987)
* "The Rich Folklore of Štip" (1989)
* "Supernatural Signs" (1994)
* "What will happen to us after death?" (1995)
* "Morbid Tales" (1996)
* "Destiny" (published in Bulgarian, Sofia, 1997)
* "Ethnological Differences Between the Macedonians and the Bulgarians" (2000)
* "Jesus Christ and the Macedonians" (2000)
* "The Place of the Macedonians in World Civilization" (2002)
* "Ancient Macedonian Heritage of Today's Macedonian Nation" (2000)
* "Today's Descendants of King Samuel's Dynasty" (2004)
* "The Descendants of Alexander the Great of Macedon" (Štip and Sydney, 2004)
* "Sources for the Ilinden Period" (in collaboration with Atanas Kirjakov, Blagoevgrad, 2005)
* "The Genealogical Lineage Between Queen Elizabeth II and the Medieval Macedonian Czar Samuel" (Štip and Sydney, 2005)
* "The Macedonian Heritage of Some American Presidents" (2006)
* "All the Saints of Macedonia" (2006)
* "Today's Descendants of the Ancient Macedonian Royal Dynasty" (2007)
* "Byzantine Kings of Macedonian Origin" (2007)

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