A Book of Devils and Demons

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name = A Book of Devils and Demons
title_orig =
translator =
author = Ruth Manning-Sanders
cover_artist = Robin Jacques
illustrator = Robin Jacques
country = United States
language = English
series =
genre = Fairy Tales
publisher = E. P. Dutton
release_date = 1970
media_type = Print (hardcover)
pages = 126 pp
isbn = SBN 0-525-26795-6

A Book of Devils and Demons is a 1970 anthology of 12 fairy tales from around the world that have been collected and retold by Ruth Manning-Sanders. It is one in a long series of such anthologies by Manning-Sanders.

Some of tales from this book are recollected in "Folk and Fairy Tales" (1978) by Manning-Sanders.

In the book's foreword, Manning-Sanders describes devils and demons as being similar in one important way: "Most of them are tricksters who delight in pestering human beings; and it is not easy to get the better of them since they have magic powers..." As for the difference between the two beings, she writes: "... [Y] ou can't kill a devil, but you can kill a demon. ... [N] o power on earth, or above the earth, or under the earth, can destroy Satan and his tribe of devils. They are, like the angels, immortal: they live forever."

Table of contents

*1. Tripple-Trapple (Denmark)
*2. The Demon's Daughter (Transylvania)
*3. Something Wonderful (Finland)
*4. Jack at Hell Gate (Hungary)
*5. The Monkey Nursemaid (India)
*6. Ironhead (Hungary)
*7. The Peppercorn Oxen (Hungary)
*8. The Blacksmith and the Devil (Gascony)
*9. The Kittle-Kittle Car (Alsace)
*10. A Ride to Hell (Denmark)
*11. The Little Red Mannikin (Carpathian Mountains)
*12. The Hill Demon (Norway)

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