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Yunus (Jonah), ("circa" 8 BC? - death unknown) [ [ The Truth of Life ] ] [ [ :: ] ] is one of the prophets of Islam whose story is recounted in the Quran. Sura 10 (chapter) of the Qur'an, the Islamic book of revelation, is named "" , although in this chapter only verse 98 refers to him directly. Yunus is known in the Hebrew bible as "Jonah".

Yunus' Story

His story is recounted in (chapter) 37 of the Quran, verses 139 through 148. The English translation below was done by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.:139 So also was Yunus among those sent (by Us). :140 When he ran away (like a slave from captivity) to the ship (fully) laden, :141 He (agreed to) cast lots, and he was condemned::142 Then the big Fish did swallow him, and he had done acts worthy of blame.:143 Had it not been that he (repented and) glorified Allah, :144 He would certainly have remained inside the Fish till the Day of Resurrection. :145 But We cast him forth on the naked shore in a state of sickness, :146 And We caused to grow, over him, a spreading plant of the gourd kind. :147 And We sent him (on a mission) to a hundred thousand (men) or more.:148 And they believed; so We permitted them to enjoy (their life) for a while.

References to Yunus in the Qur'an

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