Korean Contemporary Christian music

Korean Contemporary Christian music (or Korean CCM) refers to Contemporary Christian music written or played in South Korea. Due to the dramatic growth of Christianity in Korea, CCM has been gaining popularity among Korean Christians.


After the Korean War, missionaries from the United States brought gospel songs to Korea. Most of the songs were from US Church schools and Southern gospel songs popular in 1950s and 60s.

On November 2, 1969, at Gyeongdong Church in Seoul, Korean pop singers (Cho Young Nam, Choi Young Hee and Twinpolio) sang gospel songs on Sunday service, which was controversial among Korean Christians.

In 1971, Jo Young Nam translated a US gospel song, "Just a Closer Walk With Thee", and released it to public. From the following year, Jo started to release CCM albums.

In 1974, Roman Catholic nuns released an album which contained songs translated from US gospels. The songs were pop music with Christian content.

"Yesujeondodan" was founded in 1973 by a missionary, Oh Dae Won. "Yesujeondodan" not only translated a lot of gospel songs to Korean but composed their own CCM songs.

In late 1970s, CCM songs started to blossom in Korea due to Christian celebrities and the growth of Yoido Full Gospel Church.

Notable artists

*Yesujeondodan (예수전도단)
*Ongijangi (옹기장이)
*Kim Su Ji (김수지)
*Soriel (소리엘)
*Virus (바이러스)
*Cheon Gwan-woong (천관웅)
*Diciples (Music)

ee also

*Christianity in Korea

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*ko_icon [http://www.ccm.co.kr/ccm/about.asp?tp=12 www.ccm.co.kr, History of Korean CCM]

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