Bane/Adamantium Split 7"

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Name = Bane/Adamantium Split 7"
Type = EP
Artist = Bane/Adamantium

Released = February, 2001
Recorded = Aug – Sep 2000
Norwood, Massachusetts
Orange, California
Genre = Metalcore, Hardcore punk
Length = 13:39
Label = Indecision Records
Producer = Kurt Ballou & Bane/Jim Monroe
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Chronology = Bane
Last album = "It All Comes Down to This"
This album = "Bane/Adamantium Split 7" EP"
Next album = "Give Blood"
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Artist = Adamantium
Last album = "When It Rains, It Pours"
This album = "Bane/Adamantium Split 7" EP"
Next album = "Traditions"

The Bane/Adamantium Split 7" vinyl was released by Indecision Records in February 2001. It was one of several such split releases that the label produced on a regular basis. It was released in limited numbers; 1574 on black vinyl and 550 on grey vinyl. As with the others in the series, it contains songs that were previously unavailable on other releases, usually recorded especially for vinyl release. It was re-released in April 2001 on a compilation CD called "Indecision Records Split Series" which featured many other split series recordings previously only available on vinyl.


The Bane material was more in line with the more straightforward hardcore punk sound of "Give Blood" than their previous, harder "It All Comes Down to This".

The Adamantium tracks were recorded shortly after "When It Rains, It Pours" and was their last recording ever made. It is obviously in a very similar vein, metalcore with aspects of death metal.

Track listing

Bane side

* All tracks written by Bane unless stated
#"You Wrote This Song For Me" – 2:43
#"Broke Wide Open" – 3:39
#"Eye For An Eye" (Eye For An Eye) – 2:03

Adamantium side

* All tracks written by Adamantium
#"This Blade Keeps Cutting" – 2:09
#"Next In Line" – 3:06


Bane side

* Aaron Bedard – vocals
* Aaron Dalbec – guitar
* Zach Jordan – guitar
* Pete Chilton – bass
* Nick Branigan – drums

* Recorded and mixed September 3-September 4 2000 by Bane and Kurt Ballou, Norwood, Massachusetts
* "Eye For An Eye" is a cover version of a song written and recorded by a band of the same name in 1991

Adamantium side

* Aaron Stone – vocals
* Aaron Lisi – guitar
* Dan Sena – guitar
* Jim Schwartz – bass
* Jarrod Alexander – drums

* Recorded August, 2000 by Jim Monroe. Mixed at Revolver Studios.

All tracks

* The recordings for both were subjected to a final editing and mastering in February 2001 by Paul Miner at Q Mark for the CD release in April 2001.

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