name = "Arachnura"

image_caption = female "A. melanura"
image_width = 250px
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Arachnida
ordo = Araneae
subordo = Araneomorphae
familia = Araneidae
genus = "Arachnura"
genus_authority = Vinson, 1863
diversity_link = List of Araneidae species#Arachnura
diversity = 13 species

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subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision =See text.

"Arachnura" is a genus of orb-weaving spiders of Australasia, with one species found in Africa and Madagascar. These spiders mimic litter, like twigs or dead leaves, by a brownish color and appendages. They stay at the middle of their web day and night. Among the common names are tailed spider, "scorpion-tailed spider" and "scorpion spider". They do curl up their tail when disturbed, but this tail is completely harmless, as they are not closely related to scorpiones. Bites are rare, and result in minor symptoms such as local pain and swelling.

Females are between 1 and 3 cm long, males reach only 2 mm and are tailless.

"A. logio" is called "kijiro o-hiki-gumo" in Japanese. "A. feredayi" is commonly called "tailed forest spider". "A. higginsi" is often found in large numbers near water in Australia.


The genus name is derived from Greek "arachne" "spider" and "ura" "tail".


* "Arachnura angura" Tikader, 1970 — India
* "Arachnura caudatella" Roewer, 1942 — New Guinea, Queensland
* "Arachnura feredayi" (L. Koch, 1872) — Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand
* "Arachnura heptotubercula" Yin, Hu & Wang, 1983 — China
* "Arachnura higginsi" (L. Koch, 1872) — Australia, Tasmania
* "Arachnura logio" Yaginuma, 1956 — China, Japan
* "Arachnura melanura" Simon, 1867 — India to Japan and Sulawesi
* "Arachnura perfissa" (Thorell, 1895) — Myanmar
* "Arachnura pygmaea" (Thorell, 1890) — Nias Islands
* "Arachnura quinqueapicata" Strand, 1911 — Aru Islands
* "Arachnura scorpionoides" Vinson, 1863 — Congo, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius
* "Arachnura simoni" Berland, 1924 — New Caledonia
* "Arachnura spinosa" (Saito, 1933) — Taiwan


* Vinson, A. (1863). Aranéides des îles de la Réunion, Maurice et Madagascar. Paris, i-cxx, 1-337.
* [ Museum Victoria: Scorpion Tailed Spider]
* (2008): [ The world spider catalog] , version 8.5. "American Museum of Natural History".

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* [ Pictures of "A. melanura"]
* [ Picture of male and female "A. higginsi"]

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