Lock may refer to:

* Lock (surname)

Mechanical devices

* Lock (device), a mechanical device used to secure possessions
* Lock (firearm), the ignition mechanism used on early projectile weapons
* Lock (water transport), an enclosure in a navigable canal or river which enables ships and boats to pass between sections of the waterway at different levels


* Lock (computer science), a bookkeeping object associated with a piece of data that is used to serialize concurrent access
* Lock (database), a feature used when multiple users access a database concurrently
* Lock (weapons guidance), an indication the missile seeker system has a suitable or adequate acquisition fix to hit successfully if launched


* Lock (rugby league), a player position in rugby league
* Lock (rugby union), a player position in rugby union


* Lock (Saga of the Skolian empire), a fictional sentient machine in the novels by Catherine Asaro


* Lock of hair, a tuft or small bundle of hair
* Lock, South Australia, a small town located in the centre of the Eyre Peninsula

ee also

* -lock, an article about the Old English suffix
* Locke, a common English surname and place name
* Loch, a Gaelic term used in Scotland to describe lakes and other bodies of water
* "Locked" (single), by Mutha's Day Out
* Locking (disambiguation)
* Lox, cured salmon filet

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