Cry Havoc (game)

Cry Havoc (game)

"Cry Havoc" is a medieval man-to-man wargame published by Standard Games, Jeux Rexton and later "Eurogames". Each side is comprised of peasants, sergeants, billmen, men-at-arms, knights and various other "character" classes. Several scenarios are included in the game. "Cry Havoc" was first published in 1981.

The "Cry Havoc" system was later expanded with the publication of the following games:
* "Samurai Blades" or "Samurai" (warfare in medieval Japan).
* "Siege" (expansion to "Cry Havoc" with siege rules).
* "Outremer" or "Croisades" (the Crusades, "Croisades" being the French edition with expanded rules).
* "The Fortified Medieval Town" and The Templars Castle (walled city and a castle expansion maps).
* "Viking Raiders" or "Vikings" (Vikings against Anglo-Saxons, "Vikings" being the French edition with new maps and expanded rules).
* "'Dark Blades" or "Dragon Noir I and II" (Medieval fantasy, "Dragon Noir" being the expanded French edition in two volumes (four planned but the last two never completed)).

Since Jeux Descartes' demise in 2005 the "Cry Havoc" game system is no longer published. Yet an internet community by the name "Cry Havoc Fan" has continued to keep the game alive, even publishing new material in digital and/or print form.

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