Gargoyles (SLG comic)

Gargoyles (SLG comic)

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schedule = Bi-monthly
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publisher = Slave Labor Graphics
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writers = Greg Weisman
pencillers = David Hedgecock, Greg Guler (cover)
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colorists = Dustin Evans, Stephanie Lostimolo (cover)
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creators = Greg Weisman
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"Gargoyles" is a bimonthly comic book produced by Slave Labor Graphics and Creature Comics and written by series creator Greg Weisman starting in 2006. It continues the storyline of the animated television series "Gargoyles" from the syndicated episodes. In doing so, this series largely supplants the events of the ABC Television Network sequel series, "The Goliath Chronicles", which both Weisman and most fans regard as of unacceptably poor quality.


The continuation of the animated Disney series, which picks up after the climactic 3-part series finale, "Hunter's Moon", at the end of the second season. The first two issues of the comic translate the only third season (The Goliath Chronicles) episode Weisman considers to be canon, "The Journey" (which he wrote), with issue #3 beginning the new storyline. Weisman has confirmed that the comic starts in 1996, just after the conclusion of the final episode of the series' second season. Issue #10 will be the first issue set in 1997.

Production notes

In June 2005, it was announced that a series of Disney-licensed, bi-monthly "Gargoyles" comic books would be created by Slave Labor Graphics in association with [] . "Gargoyles" #1 was released on June 21, 2006 and promptly sold out, ensuring a second printing. After an extended delay, "Gargoyles" #2 was released on December 13, 2006. Following another delay "Gargoyles" #3 was released on March 28, 2007. Issue #3 contains the first all-new canon stories in ten years. Subsequent issues were released without delay with the exception of "Gargoyles" #6, which appeared October 10, 2007. This issue also contains an error. The artwork on page 12 and 16 were switched, even though the text is correct. Slave Labor has acknowledged this error and the corrected issue was reprinted on November 14th. " Gargoyles" #7 was released December 12 2007 [ [ PREVIEWS: The Comic Shop's Catalog! - New Releases ] ] . Gargoyles #8 was released on March 26, 2008 [] .

Greg Guler, character designer for the original TV series, with Stephanie Lostimolo have produced the cover art for each issue thus far. Story art is primarily being produced by David Hedgecock and colored by Dustin Evans, although issues #4, 5, and 6 were drawn by guest artists."Gargoyles" #6 used the unpublished script that Weisman wrote for the Marvel series. [ [ Product description for "Gargoyles" #6] ]

Gargoyles was recently nominated for and won the Ursa Major Award in the category of Best Comic Book. Voting began on March 15th and ended on April 20th. The winners were announced on May 17th. [ [ Search : Ask Greg : Gargoyles : Station Eight ] ] [ [ The Ursa Major Awards - Voting for the Awards ] ]

In August 2008, Greg Weisman announced that, due to Disney increasing its licensing fees, Slave Labor Graphics would not be renewing its license of Gargoyles after it ran out on August 31, 2008. The final two issues of "Bad Guys" and four of "Gargoyles" will still be released, though, as he elaborated, only as "bonus features" in the comic trades collecting both series. Weisman also stated that SLG President Dan Vado has not given up on the "Gargoyles" franchise, and hopes to pursue the idea of "Gargoyles" graphic novels in the future. []


Greg Weisman has confirmed that one of his planned "Gargoyles" spin-offs, "Bad Guys", is set to debut as a black-and-white six-issue limited series. The first issue was released on November 28, 2007. The series will be written by Weisman and drawn by Karine Charlebois, with cover art by Greg Guler and Stephanie Lostimolo.

Should "Gargoyles: Bad Guys" turn out to be successful, "Gargoyles: Pendragon" would be next in line sometime in 2008, followed by "Gargoyles: Timedancer". Each of these would also appear as a six-issue black-and-white limited series.

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