Aalborg Municipality

Aalborg Municipality

Aalborg Municipality is a municipality (Danish, "kommune") in Region Nordjylland on the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark.Bridgwater, W. & Beatrice Aldrich. (1966) "The Columbia-Viking Desk Encyclopedia". Columbia University. p. 11.] The municipality straddles the Limfjord, the waterway which connects the North Sea and the Kattegat east-to-west, and which separates the main body of the Jutland peninsula from the island of Vendsyssel-Thy north-to-south. It has a land area of 1.143.99 km², population 195,145 (2008) and belongs to Region Nordjylland ("North Jutland Region").

It is also the name of the municipality's main city Aalborg and the site of its municipal council, as well as the name of a seaport.

The municipality and the town have chosen to retain the traditional spelling of the name as "Aalborg", although the new spelling "Ålborg" is used in other contexts, such as Ålborg Bight ("Ålborg Bugt"), the body of water which lies to the east of the Jutland peninsula.


The waters splitting the municipality are called "Langerak" to the east and "Gjøl Bredning" to the west. The island of Egholm is located in "Gjøl Bredning", and is connected by ferry to the city of Aalborg at its southern shore.

The area is typical for the north of Jutland. To the west the Limfjord broadens into an irregular lake (salt water), with low, marshy shores and many islands. Northwest is Store Vildmose ("Greater Wild bog"), a swamp where a mirage is sometimes seen in summer. Southeast lies the similar Lille Vildmose ("Lesser Wild bog"). Store Vildmose was drained and farmed in the beginning of the 20th century, and Lille Vildmose is now the largest moor in Denmark.

Municipal reform of 2007

As of January 1,, 2007 Aalborg municipality joined with the municipalities of Hals, Nibe, and Sejlflod to form a new Aalborg municipality. The former Aalborg municipality, including the island of Egholm, covered an area of 560 km², with a total population of 192,353 (2005). It last mayor was Henning G. Jensen, a member of the Social Democrats ("Socialdemokraterne") political party. The former municipality was bordered by Sejlflod and Hals to the east, Dronninglund and Brønderslev to the north, Aabybro and Nibe to the west, and Støvring and Skørping to the south. It belonged to North Jutland County.

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* [http://www.aalborg.dk/ Municipality's official website]
* [http://www.detnyeaalborg.dk/ The new Aalborg municipality's website (Danish only)]
* [http://www.NordjyllandsTrafikselskab.dk/ Public Transport in Aalborg and surroundings(Danish only)]
*da icon [http://kort.krak.dk/borgerdk.kortsoegning/imapDKbig.asp Searchable/printable map] (outline of municipality does not print out!)


* Municipal statistics: [http://www2.netborger.dk/Kommunefakta/ NetBorger Kommunefakta] , delivered from [http://www.kmd.dk/ KMD] aka Kommunedata (Municipal Data)
* Municipal mergers and neighbors: [http://kommune.eniro.dk/danmarkskort/ Eniro map with named municipalities]

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