Central Valley Project

Central Valley Project

The Central Valley Project (CVP) is a federal water project undertaken by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1935 as a long-term plan to use water in California's Central Valley. It was designed to move some of the abundant water supply of the northern end of the Central Valley to the dry southern end. The goals of the CVP were water and hydroelectric power for farms, flood control, improved navigability of the Sacramento River, and the development of water supplies for cities and towns of the Central Valley.

The project has been implemented through the construction of dams and water delivery canals.

Water delivery to farmers has turned what was previously a semi-arid desert into productive farmland. California agriculture and related industries directly account for 7 percent of the gross state product. The CVP supplies water to about half of that.

Many CVP water users are represented by the Central Valley Project Water Association (CVPWA).

Environmental Impacts

CVP components

* Shasta Dam and Shasta Lake (reservoir)
* Delta Cross Channel
* Delta-Mendota Canal
* Friant Dam
* Madera Canal
* Friant-Kern Canal
* Contra Costa Canal
* Folsom Dam

External links

* [http://www.usbr.gov/mp/cvo/ Central Valley Project Operations Office]
* [http://www.valleywater.org/Water/Where_Your_Water_Comes_From/Imported_Water/Central_Valley_Project.shtm Central Valley Project - summary]
* [http://www.usbr.gov/dataweb/html/cvpintro.html CVP - History]
* [http://www.krisweb.com/krisweb_kt/trtour/cvp.htm CVP - Effects on environment]
* [http://www.sldmwa.org/historical.htm Cool Photos of CVP canals]
* [http://www.valleywater.org/Water/Where_Your_Water_Comes_From/Imported_Water/Central_Valley_Project.shtm CVP - Santa Clara Valley Water District]

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