Ball of Destruction

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"Ball of Destruction" is the first CD by the New York band, Madball. It was their first demo, released in 1989. It was reissued in 1992 by Century Media Records with additional tracks (tracks 9 - 23).

Track listing

#Smell The Bacon / What's With You
#Discriminate Me
#We Should Care
#Colossal Man
#Get Out
#Last Warning
#It's My Life
#Smell The Bacon / What's With You
#Spit On Your Grave
#Discriminate Me
#Never Had It
#Ready To Fight
#Get Out
#Across Your Face
#We Should Care
#No Return
#Step To You
#Friend Or Foe
#It's My Life
#WFMU Interview - (with Roger Miret)
#Over The Edge "(live track by Agnostic Front, not Madball)"
#United Blood "(live track by Agnostic Front, not Madball)"

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