(often abbreviated n.a.n-a.blocklisting or simply NANABl) is a moderated Usenet newsgroup devoted to discussion of subjects related to the use, administration, and effects of blocklists in ameliorating the problem of unsolicited bulk email and other unwanted or abusive network traffic.

In its original charter the following examples of "on-topic" areas were listed:

*Blocklist creation and maintenance
*Nomination and delisting procedures
*Criteria used in listings
*Pros and cons of DNSBL usage
*Reduction of "false positives"
*Discussions of blocklist listings
*Effects of blocklist use on e-mail spam volume
*Other technologies for propagation and querying of a list
*New uses for blocklists


The moderated group was officially proposed (i.e its RFD posted) as by Adam Brower and Jim Seymour on September 6 2002. By the end of the RFD process the name was settled on.

After a good number of RFDs the CFV was issued on May 13 2003 and passed 200 to 14.

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* [ n.a.n-a.blocklisting voting results]

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