Karak, Pakistan

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province= North-West Frontier Province


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census_year= 1998
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Karak is the capital city of Karak District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is 123km from Peshawar on the main Indus Highway between Peshawar and Karachi. It is predominantly populated by the Khattak tribe. It is located at 33°7'12N 71°5'41E [ [http://www.fallingrain.com/world/PK/3/Karak.html Falling Rain - Location of Karak] ]


As well as being the district capital, Karak is also the chief city of Karak tehsil, which is a subdivision of the district. For administrative purpose the district is divided into three parts, the upper, lower and the central. The central part includes Karak city and other small surrounding areas.It is mainly divided in three terhsil vis Karak,Banda daud shah and Takht-e-Nasrati.Almost all Karak citizens are well educated and serving the nation effectively.Karak has a diverse climatic condition.some parts are exteremly hot in summer season like thall area while the upper area (Chontra)is comparatively cold.The major characterestic of district karak is that only a single pashtun tribe khattak is living in karak.There is no khanism practices in karak.


Very hot during the summer temperatures touching 45-50C and sandstorms are common.Sandstorms are common in the months of may-august Mandawa village is mostly affected by these sandstorms.


No party has never been in clear majority here the main reason is awareness of the people, once Yousaf Khattak and family dominated Karak politics, but people suspected their motives and overthrow them by replacing with with common people.

People vote depending on the previous record of their representatives. Mostly Mutahida Mujlise Amal(MMA) and Awami National Party (ANP)Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian , are considered as main key players in this regards. ANP is Pukhtoons nationalist part and they have quite deep roots in the politics of NWFP in General Election 2007 Farid Toofan of PPPP has got some 22000 Votes fron PF-40.


People of karak naratted by Javed Mustafa

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