Torbalan (Торбалан) is a folklore figure that Bulgarian parents use to frighten their children, to a large extent corresponding to the bogeyman in the English-speaking world. He is known to wear a pack (торба, "torba") upon his back in which he carries naughty children.

He can be seen as the antipode of the Christmas figure Dyado Koleda ( _bg. Дядо Коледа; corresponding to Father Christmas). Usually he is known to children as the family partner of Baba Yaga although this is based on folklore analogy. Possibly Torbalan's figure is derived from the Russian folklore character Koschei the Immortal.

Torbalan is the subject of the parody kyuchek song "Torbalan kyuchek" by the singer Svetlozar Hristov from the group Five Stars.

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