10Shott, now signed exclusively to ZY Records, is an underground hip hop artist from Wolverhampton. He was a member of the rap duo Vicious Circle, along with fellow rapper Size8, who were signed to Wolftown Recordings. 10Shott's career began when Late asked him to feature on the Villains album, "Welcome To Wolftown". He is also a member of Wolftown Committee. He recently released a solo mixtape entitled "Ghetto Brick Road", which is a collection of thirty freestyles recorded between 2004 and 2005, received a 4 star review from Hip Hop Connectin who also stated... "If magical talent has any influence on success, then 10shott is the future of UK rap."citequote

10Shott was the last ever British artist to appear on "Yo! MTV Raps".

10Shott's debut single, "Memory Blank" is due for release February 29 2008 and his new full length album, "Groundbreaker (.....a di real)" is due for release in 2008.


Albums and EPs

* Villains "Welcome To Wolftown" (2000) (Wolftown Recordings)
* Vicious Circle - "Bush Corner" (2000) (Wolftown Recordings)
* Vicious Circle - "Bagged Out" (2001) (Wolftown Recordings)
* Wolftown Committee - "Legendary Status" (2002) (Wolftown Recordings)


* "Ghetto Brick Road" (2006) (Wolftown Recordings)
"The Big Hitter" (ZY Records) Due for Release 08


* Wolftown Committee - "Artform Technique (Original & Remix) / Could It Be" (2002) (Wolftown Recordings)
* Wolftown Committee - "Boxed" (2003) (Wolftown Recordings)
* "Memory Blank" (2008) (ZY Records)
* "Talking American" (2008) (ZY Records)

External links

* [http://www.wolftownrecordings.com Wolftown Recordings]

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