ISO/IEC 8859-16

ISO 8859-16, also known as Latin-10 or "South-Eastern European", is an 8-bit character encoding, part of the ISO 8859 standard. It was designed to cover Albanian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Slovenian, but also French, German, Italian and Irish Gaelic (new orthography). It differs from the other ISO 8859 standards in that it has few symbols in the upper range, instead opting to include as many letters as possible.

ISO-8859-16 is the IANA charset name for this standard used together with the control codes from ISO/IEC 6429 for the C0 (0x00-0x1F) and C1 (0x80-0x9F) parts. Escape sequences (from ISO/IEC 6429 or ISO/IEC 2022) are not to be interpreted. This charset has aliases iso-ir-226, ISO_8859-16:2001, ISO_8859-16, latin10 and l10.

Codepage layout

In the table above, 20 is the regular SPACE character, and A0 is the NO-BREAK SPACE. AD is a SOFT HYPHEN, which should not appear at all in compliant web browsers.

Code values 00-1F, 7F, and 80-9F are not assigned to characters by ISO/IEC 8859-16.

External links

* [ ISO/IEC 8859-16:2001]
* [ ISO/IEC 8859-16:2000] - 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets, Part 16: Latin alphabet No. 10 "(draft dated November 15, 1999; superseded by ISO/IEC 8859-16:2001, published July 15, 2001)"
* [ ISO-IR 226] Romanian Character Set for Information Interchange "(August 30, 1999, from Romanian Standard SR 14111:1998)"

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