Greater Bilbao
Not to be confused with the metropolitan area of Bilbao, which includes this region.
Greater Bilbao
—  comarca  —
The Estuary of Bilbao surrounded by Greater Bilbao
Country  Spain
Autonomous community Basque Country
Province Biscay
Capital Bilbao

Greater Bilbao (Basque: Bilboaldea, Spanish: Gran Bilbao) is an administrative division of the province of Biscay, in the Basque Country, Spain. It is one of the seven comarcas of Biscay and the most populated one. The capital city of Greater Bilbao is Bilbao.

Greater Bilbao is made by the municipalities situated along the Estuary of Bilbao which themselves form a conurbation, which metropolitan area is the fifth most populous in Spain.



Greater Bilbao (in blue) within Biscay.

Greater Bilbao, or Bilboaldea, is located at the northwest of the province of Biscay, limiting with the comarcas of Enkarterri in the west, Mungialdea and Busturialdea in the east, Durangaldea in the southeast and Arratia-Nerbioi in the south. The Bay of Biscay limits at north.


Gran Bilbao real color image taken by NASA's Landsat satellite.
Infrared image taken July 5th 2000 by ASTER sensor on board NASA's Terra satellite. Reddish areas are vegetation zones, dark blue zones are water bodies, white zones are clouds, their shadows can be clearly seen and greenish pixels denote the densely urbanized areas beside the Nervion river. Source: Earth Observatory (NASA).

Greater Bilbao can be divided into six subcomarcas or subregions:

  • The city of Bilbao.
  • The left bank: Traditionally an industrial, port, and manufacturing zone. It includes Barakaldo, Sestao, Portugalete and Santurtzi.
  • The right bank: A residential area, including Erandio, Leioa, and the more affluent Getxo,.
  • The mining zone, where the main iron ore resources were located: Muskiz, Gallarta, Ortuella
  • Txoriherri, wide expansion zone where the international airport and the University of the Basque Country are located.
  • Hego Uribe, including Basauri, Galdakao and Arrigorriaga.
  • Uribe-Kosta: the coastal area north of Getxo is being integrated into the metropolitan area in the recent years, with the development of low density residential areas connected by the metro.


Greater Bilbao is divided into 25 municipalities, being Bilbao the capital city. The 25 municipalities, among some others, make the Metropolitan Area of Bilbao.

# Municipality Population Territory km²
Escudo de Abanto Vizcaya.svg Abanto Zierbena 9.647 18
Escudo de Alonsotegi.svg Alonsotegi 2.835 16
Escudo de Arrigorriaga.svg Arrigorriaga 12.435 22,8
Escudo de Barakaldo.svg Barakaldo 98.460 24,3
Basauriko armarria.jpg Basauri 42.657 7,2
Escudo de Bilbao (ovalado).svg Bilbao 354.860 41,2
Escudo de Derio.svg Derio 5.307 7,4
Escudo de Zierbena.svg Zierbena 1.382 9,1
LogoAytoEtxebarri.jpg Etxebarri 9.171 3,3
Escudo de Erandio.svg Erandio 24.262 18
Escudo de Galdakao.svg Galdakao 29.226 31,7
Escudo de Getxo.svg Getxo 80.770 11,9
Escudo de Larrabetzu.svg Larrabetzu 1.874 21,5
Escudo de Leioa.svg Leioa 30.079 8,5
Escudo de Lezama.svg Lezama 2.465 16,5
Escudo de Loiu.svg Loiu 2.290 15,3
Escudo de Muskiz.svg Muskiz 7.216 21,5
Escudo de Ortuella.svg Ortuella 8.520 7,7
Escudo de Portugalete.svg Portugalete 48.105 3,2
Escudo de Santurtzi.svg Santurtzi 46.978 6,7
Escudo de Sestao.svg Sestao 29.476 3,5
Escudo de Sondika.svg Sondika 4.536 6,3
Escudo de Trapagaran.svg Trapagaran 12.353 13,1
Escudo de Zamudio.svg Zamudio 3.203 18,1
Escudo de Zaratamo.svg Zaratamo 1.735 10

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