Zinc bromide

Chembox new
IUPACName = Zinc bromide
OtherNames = Zinc (II) bromide
Zinc Dibromide
Section1 = Chembox Identifiers
CASNo = 7699-45-8

Section2 = Chembox Properties
Formula = ZnBr2
MolarMass = 225.19 g/mol
Solvent = other solvents
SolubleOther = 820 g/l
MeltingPt = 394 °C
BoilingPt = 697°C

Section7 = Chembox Hazards
ExternalMSDS = [http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/ZI/zinc_bromide.html External MSDS]
FlashPt = Non-flammable.
RSPhrases = R34, ,
S7/S8, S36/S37/S38, S45

Zinc bromide is a white ionic solid.


* Organic chemistry as a lewis acid.
* As a transparent shield against radiation.ref|doe ref|hps Two glass panes filled with a strong aqueous solution of zinc bromide has a very high density, which can then be used as a window on a hot cell. This type of window has the advantage over lead glass in that it will not darken as a result of exposure to radiation. All glass will darken slowly over time due to radiation, however this is especially true in a hot cell, where exceptional levels of radiation are present. The advantage of an aqueous salt solution is that any radiation damage will be last less than a millisecond, so the shield will undergo self-repair.
* The Zinc bromide battery.

ee also

*Zinc chloride
*Zinc fluoride
*Zinc iodide
*Cadmium bromide


# [http://www.eh.doe.gov/p2/p2ll/project.aspx?id=106 ORO Recycling of Excess Zinc Bromide]
# [http://www.hps.org/newsandevents/meetings/midyear/abstract240.html The Georgia Institute of Technology High-Dose Gamma Irradiation Facility]

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