List of postmodern critics

List of postmodern critics


This is a list of postmodern literary critics.


*Gloria E. Anzaldúa
*Paul Auster


*Jorge Luis Borges
*Roland Barthes
*Jean Baudrillard
*Michael Bérubé
*Homi Bhabha
*Maurice Blanchot
*Jay David Bolter
*Judith Butler
*Pierre Bourdieu


* Chantal Chawaf
*Hélène Cixous
*Robert Coover
* Alex Callinicos


*Guy Debord
*Gilles Deleuze
*Jacques Derrida


*Umberto Eco


*Stanley Fish
*Michel Foucault


*Marjorie Garber
*Gerard Genette
*Sandra Gilbert
*Félix Guattari
*Susan Gubar


*Donna Haraway
*Ihab Hassan
*N. Katherine Hayles
*Linda Hutcheon - Historiographical metafiction
*Bell Hooks


* Luce Irigaray


*Fredric Jameson
*Keith Jenkins
*Michael Joyce


*Friedrich Kittler
*Julia Kristeva


*Jacques Lacan
*George Landow
*Jean-François Lyotard


*Larry McCaffery
*Brian McHale
*Lev Manovich
*Trinh T. Minh-ha
*Stuart Moulthrop
*Gabriel Garcia Marquez
*Toni Morrison




*Thomas Pynchon



*Bryan Reynolds

*Ernesto Sabato
*Edward Said
*Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
*Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
*Allucquere Rosanne Stone (Sandy Stone)




*Gianni Vattimo


*Monique Wittig
*Ken Wilber
*David Foster Wallace



*Gary Young


Ravi Zacharias []

*Slavoj Žižek


*Leitch, Vincent B. "The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism". New York: London, 2001 [] .

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"Early critics important to postmodernism":
*Friedrich Nietzsche
*Ferdinand de Saussure
*Claude Lévi-Strauss

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*Gender studies
*Second-wave feminism
*Third-wave feminism
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