Jack Coggins

Jack Coggins

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The majority of his paintings have a maritime theme in a realistic style and are executed in oils, for which he had a preference. However, he executed many works in watercolors and other media; examples of rural themes are common, and some works have a slightly impressionistic style. [cite web
url = http://www.jackcoggins.info/art.html
title = Jack Coggins: Samples of Artwork
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] His stated preference in art styles was "a direct splashy type of realistic painting" and he admired the New Hope school of Redfield and Garber, with "no liking for 'modern art'".

His paintings are owned by the Philadelphia Maritime Museum, the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Navy, the United States Coast Guard, among many other institutions and corporations, as well as private collectors. His original manuscripts and illustrations are part of The University of Southern Mississippi's Permanent Collection of outstanding authors and artists. [cite web
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Coggins was a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and a Fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists. He has been a member of the American Ordnance Assn., the U.S. Naval Institute, and advisor to the board of the Philadelphia Maritime Museum and the Reading Public Museum.


During his time as a member of the faculty of Hunter College in New York, Coggins met Alma Wood who was a fashion and photographic model at the time. [cite news
first = Ron
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title = A Painter, a Model, a Class Act
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] They married in 1948 and moved to Berks County, Pennsylvania shortly afterwards. Coggins taught his wife to paint, and she had success as an artist in her own right under the name Alma Woods, the couple holding annual joint exhibitions for many years. Alma Coggins assisted her husband in the planning, research and typing of many of his books, and he acknowledged her efforts with book dedications to her. [Dedication in "Marine Painter's Guide", published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1983, "et al."]

Jack and Alma Coggins had no children; his only living relatives are several cousins and their families in Australia. Coggins taught master art classes at the Wyomissing Institute of the Arts from September 1957 [cite news
title = Author-Illustrator to Present Lecture Tuesday Night
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] until failing health forced his retirement in May 2001 at nearly 90 years of age. He died at his home in Berks County, Pennsylvania at the age of 94 and willed his body to medical science. [cite news
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In 1985, Jack Coggins received the Americanism Award from the Daniel Boone National Foundation and in 1989, he received the Purchase Award from the Mystic Maritime Gallery. He received the Rudolph Shaeffer Award in the International Maritime Exhibition from 1987 to 1990, the Pagoda Award from the Berks Arts Council in 1995, and the Revolution Round Table Award. In 2000 he was inducted to the International Association of Astronomical Artists Hall of Fame as a "Living Legend" and celebrated master of the genre of Space Art. [cite web
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* [http://www.jackcoggins.info Jack Coggins reference site and tribute] - created by his family - includes images of many of his works.

NAME=Coggins, Jack Banham
ALTERNATIVE NAMES= Coggins, Jack; Coggins, J. Banham
DATE OF BIRTH= July 10, 1911
PLACE OF BIRTH= London, England
DATE OF DEATH= January 30, 2006
PLACE OF DEATH=Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States

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