University of Advancing Technology

University of Advancing Technology

name = University of Advancing Technology

established = 1983
type = Private University
city = Tempe
state = Arizona
country = USA
undergrad = Appx 1,200
postgrad = Appx 50
campus = Urban, Less than 20 acres
mascot = Pirates or Ninjas.
colors = Red, Black, Silver
website= []

University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is a for-profit, family owned institution of higher education located in Tempe, Arizona as a single campus. Founded in 1983, UAT is a high tech university with multiple areas of study in technical fields, while retaining liberal arts requirements in the Fine Arts and Humanities. Sometimes misunderstood to be a vocational school due to the history of their offerings in a vocational context, UAT purports a general education comparable to typical universities such as Arizona State University, with specific emphasis on how its specialized mission integrates technology into its general education requirements. The institution offers unique core classes (e.g., Information Research Strategies, Technology and Society, Project Management, Intellectual Property Law), as well as all traditional ones.

An independent institution, UAT's mission is to educate students in the fields of advancing technology to become innovators of the future. The university's goals are to foster knowledge and maintain academic excellence in an environment embracing modern technology. Students learn how technology has evolved, so that they may participate in its evolution.

The institution is made up of four colleges:

[ The College of Multimedia]

[ The College of Software Engineering]

[ The College of Technology Commerce]

[ The Graduate College of Applied Technology]

In addition, the institution has an online college: [ UAT-Online]

UAT offers Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees, as well as online continuing education. The school has an enrollment of over a thousand students.


Founded in 1983, the institution later named the University of Advancing Technology received accreditation in 1987 by ACECT at the diploma and occupational associate’s level. First known as the CAD Institute, it offered classes in computer aided design. In 1992, CAD Institute shifted to a new accrediting agency, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which certified it as a junior college. In 1996, it was accredited as a four-year institution. That same year, the CAD Institute began offering educational programs outside the CAD focus. This first non-CAD program was successful, developing into what is now the Multimedia College.

The CAD name was retired in August 1996, and the institution was renamed the University of Advancing Computer Technology (UACT). In 1997, UACT launched a Software Engineering program. In 1998, UACT moved to the present campus in Tempe, Arizona. Also in 1998, UACT received approval from ACICS to offer a Master of Science in Technology degree. In 2000, it received approval to offer online courses.

The University of Advancing Computer Technology removed the word “computer” from its name in 2002 in recognition that computer technology had evolved beyond the personal computer to encompass all devices that communicate, manage information, and provide connections through all media, including the Internet. [The history of UAT: ( [ History of The University of Advancing Technology)] ]

Accreditations, Authorizations and Approvals

The current accreditation is at the national level as certified by the ACICS from the U.S. Department of Education. As of 2007, UAT is a Candidate with The Higher Learning Commission and an affiliate of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

UAT was designated a Center of Academic Excellence by the National Centers of Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) sponsored by the U.S. National Security Agency and the Homeland Security Department.

Network Security programs certified by the US National Security Agency's Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation program for 4011 CNSS National Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals and 4013 National Standard for System Administrators in Information Systems Security(INFOSEC).


Resident Programs:

College of Multimedia: Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts in Multimedia
* [ Digital Animation]
* [ Digital Art and Design]
* [ Digital Video]
* [ Game Art and Animation]
* [ Game Design]

College of Software Engineering: Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science in Software Engineering
* [ Artificial Life Programming]
* [ Computer Forensics]
* [ Game Programming]
* [ Network Engineering]
* [ Network Security]
* [ Robotics and Embedded Systems]
* [ Software Engineering]
* [ Web Architecture]

College of Technology Commerce: Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science in Technology Commerce
* [ Technology Management]

Graduate College of Applied Technology: Master of Science in Technology
* [ Artificial Life Programming]
* [ Game Production]
* [ Information Security]
* [ Software Engineering]
* [ Technology Management]
* [ Technology Studies]

Online Programs:

The College of Multimedia: Bachelor of Arts or Associate of Arts in Multimedia
* [ Digital Animation]
* [ Game Art and Animation]
* [ Game Design]

The College of Software Engineering: Bachelor of Science or Associate of Science in Software Engineering
* [ Game Programming]
* [ Network Security]

University Scholarships:

Academic Scholarships:
*President's Award
*Dean's Award
*Scholar's Award

Community Scholarships:
*George Throp Memorial
*Advancing Technology Award
*Women in Technology

Private Scholarships:
*Karrlin Field Memorial Scholarship

tudent Trips

Throughout the year, UAT coordinates and subsidizes student trips to the technology industry's top conferences, fun excursions and industry tours. All Student Trips are chaperoned by UAT staff and faculty members. Students get first-hand experience with two very important aspects of life in any profession by attending industry-trade shows and exhibitions and academic conferences.

Recent Student Trips:
*Comic-Con International
*Game Developers Conference (GDC)
*Maker Faire
*Nickelodeon Studios
*Anime Expo
*Anime Boston

Student Clubs (as of Spring 2008)

*Ancient Games Club
*Anime Club
*Bible Club
*Bike Club
*C++ Club
*Demolition Films, Short Film Club/Crew
*LAN Committee, organizing video gaming paradises once a month
*Martial Arts Club
*Movie Misfits
*Music Club
*NurF WarZ, hosting bi-weekly Counter-Strike-esque events on campus
*Photography Club
*Puff Club
*Quarter Circle Forward (QCF)
*T.C.G.C (Trading Card Game Club)
*Web Development Club
*Write Club

User Groups:

*Phoenix Java User Group
*Phoenix PC User Group
*Phoenix Cold Fusion Group
*XUsers Group
*Phoenix Linux Users Group


UAT hosts a bi-annual [ technology forum] that features guest speakers from emerging technology fields as well as traditional technology fields such as software engineering and programming.

In 2003, a group of students from the UAT Web Club won the Governor's Tourism Award for Web Marketing/Technical Marketing for its work on improving and updating the website for the Boyce-Thompson Arboretum.

On 28 December 2006, a student currently enrolled at UAT was interviewed on All Things Considered on National Public Radio, about social technologies.

On February 16, 2007, Dean of Academic Affairs Rebecca Whitehead was interviewed on WoW Things Considered, a World of Warcraft-oriented internet radio show hosted by World of Warcraft Radio. She was interviewed regarding her new college-credit Leadership course at the university, led entirely within the World of Warcraft. The file can be accessed here [] .

ee also

* [ Journal of Advancing Technology (JAT)]
* [ UAT TV]
* [ Student Works]
* [ Tech Forum]

External links

* [ UAT website]
* [ UAT game degree website]
* [ UAT networking degree website]
* [ UAT artificial life degree website]
* [ UAT scholarships page]

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