Big O

Big O can refer to any of:
* Ω, or Omega, the translation of which literally reads 'big O' or 'great O'.
* Big O notation, asymptotic behavior in mathematics and computing
* "The Big O", A Japanese anime series
* Orgasm (slang)
* Olympic Stadium (Montreal), main venue of the 1976 Summer Olympics
* Oscar Robertson, a former professional basketball player
* Big O Tires, a tire retailer in the United States and Canada
* Roy Orbison, an American singer-songwriter
**"The Big O" (album), one of his albums
* "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O", children's book by Shel Silverstein
*, with marketing tag-line "The Big Big O"
* Glenn Ordway, a Boston-area sports radio host
* Oliver Miller, a former professional basketball player
* Brian Oldfield, former world record shot putter
* Bob Orton. a former professional wrestler
* Brotherhood of International Government and Order, a fictional organization in three Matt Helm films
* Big Omega function, an arithmetic function in Number Theory.
* Big O (Ferris Wheel), the world's largest center-less Ferris wheel, in the LaQua amusement park in Tokyo, Japan
* Ohio (slang)

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