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Bhakkar (Urdu: بھکر, Seraiki Bakhar : بکھر) is the city principle city of Bhakkar District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 31°37'60N 71°4'0E at an elevation of 159 metres [ [ Locaton of Bhakkar - Falling Rain Genomics] ] and lies on the left bank of the Indus river. It has a population of almost 300,000 and was given status of district in 1981.


Bhakkar city is also the administrative centre of Bhakkar tehsil one of the four tehsils of the district. Bhakkar tehsil is sudivided into 17 Union Councils, three of which form the city of Bhakkar [ [ Tehsils & Unions in the District of Bhakkar - Government of Pakistan] ]


The original name of Bhakkar was Sakhar, it is an old city, and said to be named after the great Baloch Sardar Bakhar Khan. There are some other places named Bakhar, which means town of sun-baked bricks. Fact|date=December 2007.


Bhkkar was founded probably towards the close of the fifteenth century by a body of colonists from Dera Ismail Khan, led by a Baloch adventurer, whose descendants held the surrounding country until they were ousted by Ahmad Shah Durrani [ Town - Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 8, p. 44.] ]

British rule

During British rule Bhakkar Town was headquarters of Bhakkar tahsil (now Bhakkar District) in Mianwali District, and was on the North-Western Railway line. The municipality was created in 1874. Its income and expenditure during the ten years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs. 7,700. The income in 1903-4 was Rs. 7,500, chiefly derived from octroi; and the expenditure was Rs. 8,600. The population according to the 1901 census of India was 5,312, at that time the town contained a dispensary and a municipal vernacular middle school.

The Imperial Gazetteer of India described the town as follows:


The town has some historical places like the Dilkusha Bagh which is believed by some to be a Mughal garden built by Humayun, however Humayun never visited the area, on his retreat to Iran, he went to another Bakhar in Sindh to seek help from Mahmood Khan, which was however denied by historian Henry RavertyFact|date=December 2007.

The old town was walled and had the Tavela, Imamanwala and King Gates, of the three the King Gate, which was built during the British period and was named after Mr King the then Deputy Commissioner of the Mianwali District, survives - since the end of colonial rule it has been renamed as the Jinnah Gate

There are remains of a handera (tomb) near Sheikh Raoo bridge, which is believed to be the burial place of Bakhar Khan, the founder of the city. The present police station was originally a Baloch fortress. Some 30 years ago a branch of River Indus flowed past the town. West side of the town was green and pleasant.

This is a very scarce silver coin belonging to the reign of Nadir Shah 1148-1160 AH (1735-1747) of the Afsharid dynasty. It is an Indian type minted during his post-occupation of. It is listed by type as Album #2744.2 (Type D). It weighs 11.3 gr. (18 mm.) and minted in the city of Bhakkar in the state of Punjab in India, dated 1157AH.

Reknown Poets

Shakeeb Jalali,Asad Jafri,Bashir Ahmed Basher,Mansha pani pati,Ashraf Kamal,Asad Mustafa,Najaf Ali Shah,Aneel Chahoan,


Bakhar is now a bustling town, with population of more than three hundred thousand, Saraiki is the dominant language

The main tribes (Zaats) in Bhakkar are:

*Chadhar Mallana


Seraiki is main language of people .Urdu and Punjabi are next to Seraiki language


*Govt.College Bhakkar
*Govt. College Darya Khan, Bhakkar
*Govt. Degree College Jandanwala, Bhakkar
*Govt.College of Commerce Bhakkar
*District Public School and Interscience college Bhakkar
*Govt.Girls College Bhakkar
*Orient College of Commerce (Regd) Bhakkar
*Pioneer College of commerce Bhakkar

High Schools

* Govt.high School Siyal Bhakkar
* Govt.Model High School Bhakkar
* Govt.CTTM high school Bhakkar
* Govt.MC high School Bhakkar
* Govt.High School Shahani Bhakkar
* Govt.Girls Higher Secondary school Bhakkar
* District Public School Bhakkar
* Govt.Model High School for Girls Bhakkar
* of commerce Mankera (Bhakkar)
* Govt.Higher Secondary School Dullewala
* Govt.Higher Secondary School (for Girls)Dullewala
* Govt.High School Hafar Wala Khansar, Bhakkar
* Govt.High School Notak, Bhakkar
* Govt.High School Behal, Bhakkar
* Govt.High School Chheena, Bhakkar
* Govt.High School Dhandla, Bhakkar
* Govt.High School Yousaf Shah, Bhakkar
* Govt.High School CHAK NO.47/T.D.A.

Hospitals and Medical Centres

*District Headquarter Hospital Bhakkar
*Safdar Hospital
*Sidiq Medical Complex
*Nasir Hospital
*Jatial Hospital
*Yasir Medical Centre


*Bakhars famous souvenir was Karna oil, which was extracted from karna flower which is also Exported to Middle East. Channa is the major crop here.


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