Lists of people

People denotes a group of humans, either with unspecified traits, or specific characteristics (e.g. the people of Spain or the people of the Plains). Lists of people include:

:"(Fictional characters such as King Arthur are not included in these lists.)"

By name

** List of family name derivations
** List of most common family names
* First name (given name)
** List of
* List of one-word stage names
* Biographical dictionary
* List of people known as "The Great"
* List of eponyms or names derived from people
** List of cartoon characters named after people
** List of chemical elements named after people
** List of colleges and universities named after people
** List of companies named after people
** List of diseases named after people
** List of human anatomical parts named after people
** List of foods named after people
** List of inventions named after people
** List of political entities named after people
** List of roses named after people
** List of scientific constants named after people
** List of scientific laws named after people
** List of scientific phenomena named after people
** List of scientific units named after people
** List of prizes named after people
* List of pseudonyms and stage names
* List of Biblical names

By nationality, ethnicity, or location

: "See Lists of people by nationality"

By belief

*Lists of people by belief

By associated physical condition or characteristic

* Lists of people by cause of death

By condition

* List of people believed to have been affected by bipolar disorder
* List of brain tumor patients
* List of people with Crohn's disease
* List of deaf people
* List of people who have suffered from depression
* List of people with dyslexia
* List of people with epilepsy
* List of people with strabismus
* List of HIV-positive people
* List of the most obese humans
* List of paraplegic people
* List of polio survivors
* List of tuberculosis victims

Other groups

* List of people who have disappeared
* List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people
* List of famous military brats
* List of transgender people
* List of teetotalers

By occupation

*Lists of people by occupation
*Lists of office-holders
*Lists of authors

By scholastic area

*List of former pupils of Westminster
*List of Arab scientists and scholars
*List of Brookings Institution scholars
*List of futures scholars
*List of Hanbali scholars
*List of Iranian scientists and scholars
*List of Nigerian scientists and scholars
*List of Islamic studies scholars
*List of Muslim scientists and scholars
*List of Muslim scholars
*List of Muslim Christianity scholars
*List of nonviolence scholars and leaders

By achievement or status

* List of prizes, medals, and awards
* Michael H. Hart's list of the 100 most influential people in history
* List of Disney Legends
* List of people on multiple governing boards
* List of conservationists

By circumstance

* List of the 100 wealthiest people
* List of bow tie wearers
* List of people on stamps
* List of people who have acted as their own attorney
* List of premature obituaries
* List of people who have declined a British honour
* List of ice hockey players who died young

Real people appearing in fiction

* List of celebrities on "The Simpsons"
* Scrooge McDuck's encounters with real people

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