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"Beat Up" was The Toasters first officially released effort, released in 1984. Up until this point only a few home-made demo tapes had been made and passed around. This album was released long before they became the power house ska band with the huge horn section that they have since been associated with. The Toasters would not become a steady 5-piece again until 2005.

The effort is a 7-inch disk for which Vicky Rose's dad put up the money to have pressed. The sides are labeled "Side 1" and "Side A".The song 'Brixton Beat' would later be re-arranged and re-titled as 'East Side Beat'. The track 'The Beat' has never been re-recorded but was put on as a bonus track on the Moon Ska Records re-release of the album Thrill Me Up.

Beat Up :: Ice Bear Records, Toast 1 and 2 : 7inch : 1984

Track listing

Side 1. Brixton Beat
Side A. The Beat

The Musicians

* Robert "Bucket" Hingley - Guitar, Vocals
* Steve Hex - Keys<
* Vicky Rose - Bass
* Gary Eye - Percussion
* Jackson Plugz - Drums

Liner Notes

* All material © 1984 Breakfast Music and Ice Bear Records
* Produced by US
* Recorded at: J and J Studios, New York City
* Engineer: Josef Armillas
* Remix: Jim Waters
* Produced by: The Toasters
* Art by: "Tanino Liberatore", "Bob Fingerman"
* Photo: Cintax
* Breakfast Music
* 295 East 8th Street, N.Y.C. 10009

With thanks to: Joe Neives, Marek Bireline, Pat Kennedy, Steve Messner, Jake, Gene Sayet, Matrix, Studio Rehearsal Studio, Scott Jarvis, Wayne Kramer, Stanley Turpentine, Henry Beck, Aid Macspade, Richie Thomas and L.E.S.R., Toby Ariana.


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