666 (disambiguation)

666 may refer to:
* AD 666, the year
* 666 (number), the number
* The Number of the Beast, a reference in the book of Revelation in the New Testament
* 666 Desdemona, a minor planet in the asteroid belt.
* U.S. Route 491, an American highway formerly called Route 666
* A brand of cough syrup and other OTC preparations made by the Monticello Drug Company
* 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery scandal, known as the "Triple Six Fix"
* "666 Satan", a Japanese comic

In music:
* 666 (band), a German trance music band.
* "666" (album), an album by Aphrodite's Child
* "", an album by Danzig
* "666 (Hyde album)", an album by the musician Hyde
* "666 (Billy Talent album)", a live album by Billy Talent
* HIM (band), a Finnish band that uses the 666 theme extensively in their recordings

ee also

*Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, fear of the number 666
*Old 666 (B-17), a noted Second World War B-17 bomber aircraft
*Three 6 Mafia, an American hip-hop/rap group

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