List of rivers of Canada

The list of rivers in Canada is organized by drainage basin and province.

Canadian drainage basins

The major Canadian drainage basins are the following: [cite web
title=Drainage Basin
*Arctic Drainage
*Pacific Drainage
*Western Hudson Bay and Mississippi Drainage
*South and East Hudson Bay Drainage
*Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Drainage
*Atlantic Drainage

Rivers by Drainage Basins

Drainage basins of Canada

*Pacific Ocean
*Arctic Ocean
*Hudson Bay
*Atlantic Ocean
*Gulf of Mexico

Rivers by Province

Rivers by province and territory

*List of Alberta rivers
*List of British Columbia rivers
*List of Manitoba rivers
*List of New Brunswick rivers
*List of Newfoundland and Labrador rivers
*List of Northwest Territories rivers
*List of Nova Scotia rivers
*List of Nunavut rivers
*List of Ontario rivers
*List of Prince Edward Island rivers
*List of Quebec rivers
*List of Saskatchewan rivers
*List of Yukon rivers

ee also

*Rivers of the Americas
*Geography of Canada
*Canadian Rivers Day


External links

*Government of Canada - [ Canadian Geographical Names database]
*The Canadian Council for Geographic Education - [ Rivers of Canada - How they shaped our country]
*Atlas of Canada - [ Rivers]

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