Infobox Constellation
name = Telescopium
abbreviation = Tel
genitive = Telescopii
symbology = the Telescope
RA = 19
dec= −50
areatotal = 252
arearank = 57th
numbermainstars = 2
numberbfstars = 13
numberstarsplanets = 0
numberbrightstars = 0
numbernearbystars = 0
brighteststarname = α Tel
starmagnitude = 3.49
neareststarname = HD 190422
stardistance = 75.7
numbermessierobjects = none
meteorshowers =
bordering = Ara
Corona Australis
Microscopium (corner)
latmax = 40
latmin = 90
month = August

Telescopium (pronEng|ˌtɛlɪˈskɒpiəm) is a minor southern constellation identified by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, the 18th century French astronomer, a student of the southern skies. It was named after the Latinized Greek word for telescope. Since it was introduced in the 17th century, and, as a southern constellation, was not visible to Mediterranean culture, there is no earlier mythology associated with it. [cite web | title="Starry Night Photography: Telescopium Constellation" | url= | accessdate= October 12 | accessyear= 2007 ]

Named Stars

There are no European names for stars in this constellation. China did assign names to α Tel as We, meaning danger, and γ Tel (the present-day G Scorpii) as Chuen Shwo, with a mythological meaning.

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