Battle of Adrianople (disambiguation)

There were at least sixteen Battles of Adrianople at Adrianople or Adrianopolis (now Edirne, Turkey):

*Roman Civil Wars
**Battle of Adrianople (313), 30 April 313, Licinius defeats Maximinus Daia
**Battle of Adrianople (324) - Constantine the Great defeats Licinius in a Roman civil war
*Battle of Adrianople (378) - Gothic War (376-382) (the one most frequently meant)
*Battle of Adrianople (718) - Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
*Battle of Adrianople (813) - Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
*Battle of Adrianople (914) - Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
*Battle of Adrianople (972) - Part of the war of the Byzantine Empire against the Russians
*Battle of Adrianople (1003) - Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
*Battle of Adrianople (1094) - Between the Byzantine throne and a usurper.
*Battle of Adrianople (1205) - Fourth Crusade, the Bulgarians defeat the Crusaders
*Battle of Adrianople (1254) - Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
*Battle of Adrianople (1255) - An engagement in one of the Byzantine civil wars.
*Battle of Adrianople (1355) - Byzantine victory over the Serbs.
*Battle of Adrianople (1365) - Capture by Ottoman Turks
*Battle of Adrianople (1829) - The Russians seize the city from the Ottoman Empire.
*Battle of Adrianople (1913) - First Balkan War

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