Bass (music)

Bass (pronEng|ˈbɛɪs as in "base"), when used as an adjective, is used to describe tones of low frequency or range. Played in an ensemble/orchestra, such notes are frequently used to provide a counterpoint or counter-melody, in a harmonic context either to outline or juxtapose the progression of the chords, or with percussion to underline the rhythm. In popular music the bass part most often provides harmonic and rhythmic support, usually playing the root or fifth of the chord and stressing the strong beats.

Instrument or singer

As a noun, a bass is a musical instrument or singer with a low range: see: bass (vocal range) and bass (instrument). In a jazz or orchestral context, the term may refer to the double bass, the largest and lowest pitched bowed string instrument. In a popular music context, the term often refers to the bass guitar, a four-stringed instrument from the guitar family that is used to perform basslines in rock and pop. In electronic music, programmed bass is used to fill out the frequency range and add more bottom-end to the song in order for it to sound more full and drive the song.

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