Long War (Ottoman wars)

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conflict=Fifteen Years War

partof=the Ottoman-Habsburg wars|date=1593 - c.1606
result=Treaty of Zsitva-Torok (Žitava).
commander1=Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor
Michael the Brave

commander2=Murad III

Mehmet III

Ahmed I

strength2= Unknown
casualties1= Unknown, heavy
casualties2= Unknown, heavy
The Long War or Thirteen Years' War (July 29, 1593 - 1604/November 11, 1606) was one of the numerous wars between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire that took place after the Battle of Mohács.

Participants of the war were the Habsburgs, Transylvania, Wallachia, Moldavia (with the aid of the Holy Roman Empire, Ferrara, Tuscany, Mantua and the Papal State) and the Ottoman Empire.

The war started on July 29, 1593 when the Ottoman army under Sinan Pasha launched a military campaign against the Habsburg monarchy, continued with the Battle of Mezőkeresztes or Cerestes on October 24-26, 1596, and it ended with the Peace of Žitava on November 11, 1606. The war mostly was fought in Royal Hungary (mostly in present-day southern Slovakia), the Ottoman Empire (mostly in Transdanubia and present-day Croatia) and in present day southern Romania. The last phase of the war (1604 - 1606) corresponds to the uprising of Stephen Bocskay.

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