Government of Barbados

The Government of Barbados is formed by the political party which gains a simple majority in the general elections held in Barbados. These elections constitutionally must be held no longer than every five years apart, however elections can be called whenever the Government so chooses to seek a new mandate or loses a vote of no confidence in Parliament. It is part of Barbados' political system and supported by the Barbadian Civil Service. Transparency International ranked it 22nd place (of 179) in the world on the corruption perceptions index in 2008, with only 3 nations surpassing it in the Americas. ( [] , [] . However,it can be noted that the government (which is the political party known as the DLP, or Democratic Labour Party.)is generally incorrupt, helping to maintain stability.

The government of Barbados has been chosen by election since 1961 elections, when Barbados achieved full self-governance. Before then, the government was mainly either a colonial administration solely or a mixture of colonial rule and a partially-elected assembly, such as the Legislative Council. Both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party has formed the government in the elections since 1961.

List of government ministries

*Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Labour, Civil Service and Energy
*Ministry of Home Affairs
*Attorney General and Ministry of Home Affairs
*Ministry of Tourism
*Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development
*Ministry of Health, National Insurance and Social Security
*Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Business
*Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Commerce
*Ministry of Community Development and Culture
*Ministry of Transport, Works and International Transport
*Ministry of Social Care, Constituency, Empowerment and Urban Development
*Ministry of State
*Ministry of Family, Youth, Sports and the Environment
*Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
*Ministry in the Prime Minister’s Office

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* Organisations of the Barbadian Government

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* [ Barbadian Government Website]

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